Fleet Insurance: What Is It?

Everybody is aware of how important taxi insurance is. However, if your business uses a variety of vehicles with various insurance plans, things could get complicated.

If you own a business that uses two or more vehicles, like taxi business, or if you work for one, you should understand exactly what fleet insurance is and how comprehensive fleet coverage will benefit you.

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A fleet insurance policy is what?

All of the cars in a fleet are covered by a particular kind of insurance called fleet insurance. By developing a comprehensive, custom fleet insurance coverage in place of individually insuring each of your company’s vehicles, which can be highly expensive, you may potentially save your business thousands of pounds.

Additionally, fleet insurance can help you save more money.

Fleet insurance not only helps your company save money, but it also gives you complete flexibility and control over how you insure your vehicles. You’ll spend less time managing several policies by insuring all of your vehicles under one comprehensive policy, which will free up more of your time to focus on other crucial business areas.

A fleet insurance policy will provide the same protection for your vehicles as a standard auto insurance policy would. Depending on which fleet insurance provider you choose, your insurance plan will be different. For instance, Protect My Taxi is able to provide services like as EU coverage, personal property protection, HGV insurance, fleet breakdown coverage, trailer coverage, and more.

You have the option of covering any driver for any vehicle with fleet insurance. An alternative is to get insurance. If you have a carpool, this is a terrific alternative. You may even cover particular drivers for particular automobiles. You may request a free online estimate for fleet insurance coverage right now.

Who is eligible for fleet insurance?

Businesses with two or more vehicles in their fleet can get fleet insurance. Whatever kind of business you have, you can be insured by fleet insurance because there are no restrictions on business types.

Is fleet insurance less expensive?

Insurance for fleets is typically less expensive than insurance for individuals.

Investing in comprehensive fleet insurance policies that cover your whole fleet of vehicles in one policy, as opposed to obtaining individual policies for each vehicle, is likely advantageous if your business has more than two vehicles. 

How are fleet health insurance premiums determined?

The cost of fleet insurance is determined by a number of variables. These may consist of:

  • the fleet’s size and average age;
  • who operates certain vehicles;
  • the fleet team’s overall safety record.

It also takes into account the total number of claims that are still pending as well as the number of incidents that a fleet has been involved in throughout the years. Less accidents each year and unpaid claims will usually work in your favour for lower premiums. Explore Our Fleet Insurance Policies in More Detail

What’s the process for fleet insurance?

A new fleet policy will typically begin with 2 vehicles, with the option of later adding extra vehicles. You should be familiar with a few different sorts of classes. If you’re thinking about buying fleet insurance, there are a few distinct types of policies you should be aware of.

This kind of insurance would enable you to travel to and from a single permanent place of employment. Social, domestic, and pleasure use. In this situation, a corporate auto coverage would not be appropriate, and you would be encouraged to separately insure each of your vehicles to get the best rate.

Class 1 Business Use – 

Class 1 business use permits the use of a vehicle for the purposes of a trade or profession and permits travel to more than one fixed place of employment. This might be appropriate for you if you are a district manager.

Business Use Class 2 – 

Class 2 business use resembles Class 1 in many ways. In that you can use a vehicle for your business or profession to go to more than one regular place of employment, Class 2 Business Use is quite similar to Class 1. The key distinction between Class 2 Business usage and Class 1 Business usage is that Class 2 Business usage also applies to additional drivers who are mentioned on the policy.

Class 3 Business Use Insurance – 

This sort of insurance would offer the broadest coverage possible, permitting business travel, including the collection of money.

It’s critical to choose the right policy type for your company and to manage your fleet of vehicles effectively. You may get assistance with this from our team of professionals, and they are always willing to go over your alternatives with you. 

What is covered by fleet insurance?

If a vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident, fully comprehensive fleet insurance will provide coverage for both the drivers and the cars. If your driver was at fault for an accident involving your vehicle, it will also pay for any damage to other vehicles or property.

We provide a variety of fleet insurance options to meet your unique company needs. These consist of:

  • HGV fleet protection
  • sporadic fleet use
  • cover for fleet breakdowns
  • Insurance for small fleets
  • Coach and bus insurance
  • Vehicle insurance

Which automobiles fall under the fleet insurance policy?

A variety of motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, and variety of cars and trucks, including sedans and vans, vans, buses, HGVs, buses, and plant equipment like cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, are covered by vehicle fleet insurance.

What is the price of fleet insurance?

Usually, a variety of factors impact how much fleet insurance costs. Your choice of insurance broker is one of the key determinants.  With a fleet insurance broker, you have a direct representation in the insurance market, and the premium you are offered will directly depend on how your risk is presented to the market.  A professional fleet insurance broker can also assist you in choosing the best coverage for your individual requirements; this is crucial if you ever need to file a claim.

Your claims history and experience are another aspect that may have an impact on your fleet insurance cost. other elements, such as

  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Typical age of drivers
  • Automobile kinds
  • Usage of vehicles

Are also important considerations when determining a premium price. Your fleet insurance premium will be unique to you and your business needs because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fleet insurance. Launch your fleet insurance policy immediately with Protect M Taxi.

Obtaining fleet insurance

Speak with a knowledgeable fleet insurance broker for the best advice on how to obtain fleet insurance! It’s essential to choose a broker with a lot of experience in the industry and a track record of accomplishment. Many business entrepreneurs are frequently quite busy. Many business owners frequently lack the time due to their hectic schedules to thoroughly research insurance. An experienced fleet insurance broker can help here.

Protect My Taxi works with the biggest fleet insurance companies in the UK to provide you with a quick, simple policy proposal. We can provide you with affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage since we have access to a carefully chosen panel of over 20 different insurers.

Fleet insurance benefits


Buying fleet insurance often entitles you to quantity-based savings. This indicates that the bigger per-vehicle discount you’re going to obtain the more vehicles you add. Insuring your fleet of five or more cars can be very expensive. Insuring your fleet of five or more vehicles can be quite affordable.

No claims discount: 

This can be applied to the entire fleet, saving you money.

Any available drivers: 

Any driver insurance helps you avoid the hassle of determining who is and isn’t covered on each vehicle if your business experiences a large personnel turnover. Your drivers will be permitted to operate any insured vehicle as long as they comply with the policy’s conditions.

Simple administration: 

If you have fleet insurance, you can have all of your vehicles covered under a single policy, making it easier to know who to call in the event that one of your vehicles is in an accident.

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