Staying in a hotel is a part of travel, and even takes up more than half of our travel time. The hotel is our temporary residence. Although the hotel provides convenience for our journey, we must pay attention to some details when we check in. Never miss Travelodge discount code nhs.

Sometimes we can see some private videos on the Internet. These videos are all shot by cameras installed by criminals in hotels. After they take these videos, they post them on the Internet for profit.

Although the hotel will regularly check these sneak shots, we can’t take it lightly. When you check into the hotel. You must check carefully to see if there is a camera in the room you are staying in.

If you are a friend participating in a tour group, the general tour guide will teach you to check the vicinity of the TV and the plug board first. Why is this?

The camera is facing the bed

In most hotels, the TVs are placed in front of the big bed, so if you install a camera device here, it is easy to take some more private pictures.

If the camera is installed in a relatively remote place, it will cause the phenomenon of unclear shooting or lack of focus. Therefore, here is a place to check first Thomson Holiday Discount Code.

hidden hard to find

Many people will ignore the details of ordinary power strips, but in these small holes, it is easiest to hide hidden camera equipment.

Usually we ignore these details because we think the row jack is more dangerous, we usually don’t touch it, and we don’t pay attention to it.

But if you go to a strange hotel, it is better to check it first.

In addition, the corner of the bathroom should also be carefully checked, because it is also an “important place” for shooting for criminals.

Many tourists are careless and often ignore these details. When we go out, in addition to relaxing ourselves, we must also learn some necessary travel knowledge to protect ourselve

When you check out from the hotel next time, remember to take these 3 things with you, or let the cleaners pick up the cheap

The hotel industry has developed very rapidly in recent years Travelodge discount code nhs, mainly because more and more people are traveling abroad, and the demand for hotels is increasing.

In order to attract customers, many hotels now offer a variety of distinctive suites, such as couple suites, which can satisfy people’s pursuit of romance.

Most hotels now have relatively complete supporting facilities, which can meet the basic needs of staying in a hotel. However, when you check out of the hotel, remember to take some things, because they are all paid for, and it will be cheaper for the hotel cleaners if you don’t take them away.

The first is disposable slippers. A slightly better hotel, in addition to sandals, will prepare two pairs of disposable slippers in the hotel room.

Which is convenient for guests to use when changing shoes. If you haven’t finished using it, you can take the disposable slippers home and give them to the guests when they come.

The second is disposable toiletries. The hotel will prepare several sets of toiletries in the room for the convenience of guests when washing.

These toiletries are usually prepared a few extra copies, and if they are not used up, they can be taken away, because these are all paid for, and it will be a waste if they are not taken away.

Finally, there is tea or coffee. Most hotels will prepare teapots, teacups and tea leaves in the hotel room, and better hotels will also prepare some small bags of coffee. If you didn’t drink while staying in the hotel, you can take it away.

Although these things are not very expensive, they are all useful things, and I paid for them, so it would be too bad if I didn’t take them with me. After taking it away, you can use it yourself or give it to other guests. Have you taken them with you?

What is the function of the original hotel’s “water bed”? Why is it popular with couples? the reason is simple

Now that living conditions are getting better and better, many people like to travel during holidays. The number of tourists is increasing rapidly every year, and the tourism industry is still a relatively popular industry in recent years.

Because the development of tourism has also driven the development of many industries, the hotel industry is one of them. Travelodge Discount Code

Now in various cities or various scenic spots, hotels are widely distributed. In order to attract more people to stay, many hotels have introduced various special rooms.

The more popular special rooms are love hotels. Because when couples are dating, they generally like more romantic places. love hotels can just meet these requirements Travelodge discount code nhs.

The beds in love hotels are generally “water beds”, which are different from the beds in most hotel rooms. It is precisely because of these special places that love hotels are also very popular among lovers. So what is the function of this “water bed”?

In fact, the water in this “water bed” is not ordinary water, but a processed special material. The temperature of the water bed can be adjusted according to your own needs. Lying on it in winter or summer will not be very cold or hot. Which can bring a very good experience to guests.

Because the water in the “water bed” can flow, lying on it is very soft. When you are tired, lying on it can better relax your body and get a better rest.

The material of the “water bed” is guaranteed. Even if it is under heavy pressure, the water will flow to disperse the pressure.

Generally, there will be no water leakage, so you can sleep on it with confidence. It’s just that the only flaw of the “water bed” is that it’s too soft, and it’s a bit useless. But it’s still very comfortable for simple sleeping. Have you ever experienced a “water bed”?

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