Anyone can open a store of items with a higher price tag and call it luxury furniture. As such, price doesn’t equal luxury. So, what makes furniture high-end or luxurious? Everyone wants high-end furniture in their home and there are many ways to introduce some elegance to your home. 

And, as you go through luxury furniture stores in Dublin, Ohio, you will hear luxury a lot. Although it is a catchy buzzword for marketing, there is a unique difference between luxury furniture and regular furniture. So what does luxury furniture really look like?

Characteristics Of Luxury Furniture

One thing to remember from the get-go is that the process of shopping for luxury furniture is a high-end experience in itself. When people look for high-end furniture, they want pieces that stand out in design and aesthetic, are unique and correlate with their home and lifestyle. To find what you are looking for, we recommend looking out for the following:


Luxury furniture is made using decades-old techniques done by hand compared to modern construction, which focuses on maximizing production volume. To achieve this, they use electric tooling, equipment, and shortcuts. When you look at high-end furniture, you can tell the amount of time and effort that went into the pieces compared to the mass-produced pieces.


Another key difference between luxury furniture and regular furniture is the option for customization. From the type of wood, the shape of the legs, the color of the fabric, patterns, and much more. The idea is to create a piece that is unique and, in most cases, takes your input throughout the process.


One reason high-end furniture is associated with high prices is the quality of the material used. Luxury furniture uses high-quality materials like organic cotton and sustainable wood. The extra care taken to choose the material means the piece will look elegant and last longer.


Sometimes all you have to do is investigate the store’s reputation to determine if they are high-end. Luxury furniture stores will be recognized as such in magazines, and local listings and even have customer reviews testifying to the quality of furniture.


Look at the quality of upholstered items. If the springs are tied by hand or are close together, the cushions are firmly wrapped in foam and there is a protective cover the patterns of the upholstery line up perfectly, you are dealing with luxury furniture.

One-on-one Service

You can have direct communication with the actual designers who will listen to your expectations, requests, questions, and concerns. You won’t need to pass through an intermediary. Since you have the option to customize, make sure you convey the information correctly. The same level of services also extends to the shipping options. 


Leather is usually a luxurious and desired material which is why it is commonly seen in high-end furniture. Genuine leather, leatherette, and all other forms of leather are perfect for luxury furniture like a double bed since they will last.


The wood that is usually used in luxury furniture is solid, first-grade wood. Since the wood is carved by hand, detailed woodwork is a reliable telltale sign of luxury furniture. 


Just like leather, velvet is another high-quality and desired material associated with high-end furniture. Its high-quality appeal makes it perfect for luxury furniture. 

What To Look For In Dublin Luxury Furniture Stores

Now you know if a piece of furniture looks good or not. But to see if it lasts for a short time or many years, you will need some experience. We will tell you what to look for:

Wood Furniture


Regardless of what you want to go with, softwood or hardwood, you want the exposed wood to have good scratch resistance. If you go with plywood rather than solid wood, make sure it at least has nine layers and there are no knots. Don’t go for pressed wood, particleboard, and fiberboard. Veneers are okay and common in high-end furniture- the only limitation is the number of times the pieces can be refurbished. 


Joint construction is a good telltale sign of quality furniture. The best joints would be dovetail and mortise-and-tenon. Corners will have a reinforcing block at an angle. Drawers should run smoothly on glides, have stops, and even though it’s not necessary, some may have thin sheets of wood between them as ‘dust panels’. Lastly, ensure that all the legs are touching the floor, don’t wobble and when you lift the piece at one corner, it doesn’t squeak or twist.

Upholstered Furniture


Chairs and sofas that have a removable cushion should have a block of foam wrapped with cotton, Dacron, or down and a protective inner cover like muslin. Only foam is less comfortable and less durable. Furthermore, The density foam rating should be either 1.8 pounds or higher. The removable back cushions may also have foam or loose fill with compartments so it doesn’t settle. 


To test comfort, sit on various spots. But, coil, grid springs, cone, and sinuous can all work very well. The deck under the cushions should have even spacing and resistance. Also, press the arms and backs to ensure you don’t feel the frame. Flip the cushions to make sure the upholstery pattern matches both ways if they are reversible since this gives them double life. Even though this process may seem complicated, it is worth it in the form of a home and environment that you can be proud of.


The traits laid out above are a good way to determine if you have luxury furniture or not like a double bed. At luxury furniture store, furniture meets all of those traits and more. Our experienced craftsmen use only the finest materials to construct your furniture by hand. When you shop at our store, our experts will work with you to understand your lifestyle, needs, and requests to create a truly unique piece of luxury furniture you will love.

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