The advent of the Internet and the emergence of digital communication channels have given rise to new professional figures, first and foremost the figure of the Digital Marketer.


More and more in demand by companies, the Digital Marketer is a professional, an expert in 360-degree digital communication.


When a company, large or small, decides to launch an online project, to achieve this it can only count on the Digital Marketer who, through his technical preparation and his skills, can really help to present the company online, to overcome competition and meet market challenges.


There are no magic methods or solutions, to obtain results you have to contact a professional in the sector and be wary of the many who today on the web pretend to be great experts.


You often hear about Digital Marketer but you still don’t know who he is and what he does exactly? You already know what we are talking about, you have decided to become an expert Marketer but you don’t know where to start?


In this article we try to shed light on this figure, we understand together what it does, what requirements it must have and above all how to become a Digital Marketer.


1. Digital Marketer: who is he?

The Digital Marketer is responsible for developing, implementing and managing online marketing campaigns that promote a business and its products or services. This figure plays a fundamental role in improving brand awareness in the digital world, as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers. Its main role is to attract consumers with the aim of improving brand recognition, trust and sales.


Essentially, this is an expert who can provide an overview of the business.


The Marketer does not work alone either but collaborates with the whole team, Social Media Managers, SEO and SEM specialists, developers etc.


This figure therefore guides all the most important dynamics underlying a Web Marketing project.


 2. What the Digital Marketer does

What does a Digital Marketer do? Its figure is very transverse within the strategic process of the company. Specifically, it is about defining digital marketing strategies. Starting from the company’s mission and vision, based on the brand’s objectives, she develops the best useful strategies for the company to succeed online.


Among the main activities carried out by the Marketer are:

  • Definition of the company’s objectives and mission;
  • Market analysis;
  • Design and management of all Web Marketing activities;
  • Development of the best strategies to put in place to succeed online;
  • Choice of the most appropriate means and tools to achieve the objectives set;
  • Design of an investment plan to be implemented;
  • Data analysis and monitoring of strategic planning phases.

3. What requirements should it have?

What are the main skills required? First of all, it is definitely about leadership skills. But not only that, other characteristics are fundamental to fulfill this role. Do not underestimate the ability to collaborate indeed, as we have said, the Marketer will find himself having to work with the whole team. Coordinating and working in synergy with all departments of the organization is essential to develop winning strategies and promote the growth of the company.


A good Marketer must also have good writing skills through which they can communicate the brand’s message in the most effective way and must know how to adapt to the ever-changing digital world, keeping themselves constantly up to date. But he still needs to have courage and initiative. Testing, experimenting with new things and sometimes taking risks is part of his job. It is only by experimenting and putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer that it is possible to define an effective marketing and digital communication plan. Understanding the digital world does not mean focusing exclusively on SEO or SEM, but above all it means focusing on the Customer Journey. In order to attract the consumer, it is not only necessary to put him at the center of the message that we want to communicate, but also to understand how he behaves on the different digital channels.

Finally, the last feature is the ability to analyze data.


4. How to become a Digital Marketer?


We do not improvise Digital Marketer, to become a real professional in this field it is necessary to train and undertake a real course of studies which allows to obtain a qualification. Training and years of experience in the field represent two fundamental elements to be able to claim to be true experts.

The skills to have are so many and span across different fields such as information technology, economics, web design, web marketing, etc.


The profession of Digital Marketer requires a lot of study, a lot of practice and a lot of curiosity, because keeping up to date with the latest trends in the digital field is absolutely essential.

Have you decided to pursue this career? What to do?


The first step you will need to take is choosing how and where to train. There are different qualified study streams. Evaluate the accredited structures that provide the training and the teachers, this way you will have a clearer idea and you can choose which training path is the most appropriate to become a Digital Marketer. Stand out, work with Digital Equestrians. Please contact them at the following address:

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