In certain ladies, the belly or uterus is tipped in reverse, highlighting the lower back. This is known as a retroverted, inclined, or tipped uterus. 

Typically, the uterus sits upstanding, in a vertical or here and there position. An inclined uterus is very normal, with 20 ladies out of each 100 having the condition.

What are the reasons for an inclined uterus? 

The uterus is an empty, pear-molded organ that sits in the lower part of a lady’s pelvis. It is the place where a baby develops during pregnancy. 

A lady can have an inclined uterus for a few distinct reasons: 

  • Debilitating of the pelvic muscles: After menopause or labor, the tendons supporting the uterus can get remiss or debilitated. Thus, the uterus falls in a regressive, or tipped position. 
  • Extended uterus: A broadened uterus because of pregnancy, fibroids, or a tumor can likewise make the uterus become inclined. 
  • Scarring or grips in the pelvis: The uterus or pelvis can be scarred by conditions, including endometriosis, disease, or past medical procedure. This scar tissue can pull the uterus in reverse and cause it to be tipped. 
  • Hereditary qualities: Some ladies are brought into the world with a uterus in an inclined or tipped position.

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Effect on ripeness and pregnancy 

Numerous ladies are worried that having a tipped uterus will affect on their capacity to get pregnant. The situation of the uterus doesn’t normally influence richness, be that as it may. Specialists may consider it if a lady is experiencing issues getting pregnant, yet simply after different reasons for fruitlessness are precluded. 

Having an inclined uterus ought not to influence a lady’s capacity to have a sound pregnancy. Indeed, being pregnant may make the developing uterus tip in reverse. Much of the time, there is no effect on work or conveyance.

Effect on sex 

Excruciating sex can be an issue for a lady. Specialists are uncertain what causes this inconvenience, however, there are a few speculations: 

  • An inclined uterus can make the cervix sit diversely in the vagina. The agony might be brought about by the manner in which the penis knocks against the cervix during intercourse. 
  • The tendons supporting the uterus might be extended and moved an unexpected way in comparison to the uterus. This can cause torment or inconvenience during sex. 
  • Another hypothesis is that an inclined uterus causes venous blockage in the pelvis, which means the veins in the conceptive organs enlarge and load up with blood.

Here and there, essentially changing positions can make excruciating sex less problematic. Numerous ladies with a tipped uterus normally favor positions where they can be up close and personal with their accomplice. It is significant for ladies to impart to their accomplice what is agreeable and what isn’t. 

Side effects 

A few signs are average in ladies with an inclined uterus, including: 

  • torment during sex 
  • feminine agony or squeezing 
  • back agony during intercourse 
  • minor urinary incontinence 
  • repetitive urinary parcel diseases 
  • inconvenience when wearing tampons

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How is it analyzed? 

A tipped uterus can be effectively recognized during a routine pelvic test. A specialist will embed two fingers into the vagina to feel and push against the cervix marginally. 

Next, the other hand is set on top of the midsection and pushes it in tenderly to catch the uterus between the two hands. This permits the specialist to feel the uterus to decide its shape, size, and position, and to feel for irregular developments. 

Ladies who are having torment during sex or different manifestations of a tipped uterus ought to talk with their PCP. These indications can be an indication of other, more genuine conditions and the specialist can do demonstrative tests to separate this condition from something more genuine.


There are a couple of treatment choices that can assist with remedying the situation of the uterus. 

These might be utilized if a lady has serious indications that meddle with her life or capacity to get pregnant. 

  • Pessary: A pessary is a gadget that is set in the vagina. It assists with supporting the vaginal dividers, uterus, and other pelvic structures and can assist with repositioning the uterus. A pessary is a transitory fix, as the uterus will return to its unique position whenever it is taken out. 
  • Medical procedure: For certain ladies, medical procedures can reposition the uterus. Uterine suspension medical procedure is an outpatient technique and should be possible with or without the utilization of work or sling. Enduring outcomes and improvement of agony during sex are normally accomplished from medical procedures. 
  • “Knee-chest” position: Though not a perpetual arrangement, carrying the knees to the chest, while resting, can assist with moving the uterus briefly into a more agreeable position.


The viewpoint for somebody with an inclined or tipped uterus is acceptable. Despite the fact that a few ladies experience inconvenience identified with the situation of the uterus, genuine medical issues are not normal. 

It is consistently significant for ladies to converse with a specialist about torment during sex or different manifestations, regardless of whether they speculate that an inclined uterus is causing the distress.

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