In the era of accessibility, customers want to communicate with businesses on multiple communication channels. They expect to communicate with businesses on their preferred channels and at their convenience.

Failing to meet customer expectations might result in customers switching brands faster than they move communication methods. This is why adopting a multichannel contact center approach is critical for businesses. Most free virtual PBX service provides offer multichannel call center telephony solutions

Below are the key benefits of having a multichannel contact center approach for your business.

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

74% of businesses that optimize a mix of traditional and digital channels report a satisfaction rate of up to 65%. This data is higher compared to businesses that only rely on traditional channels. Most customers rely on digital channels like social media for communication and information. 

Traditional channels like phone calls and emails continue to add value to customers and businesses. However, not including new digital channels is a huge risk for businesses that want to improve their customer satisfaction rate.

Strengthens Customer Relationships 

A multichannel customer-centric service approach helps new customers when making a purchase. Here is how:

  • Assist users with their browsing and research on the internet.
  • Targeted emails and texts, keep customers up to date on order status.
  • Promptly resolve issues via voice help in case of processing troubles due to technical glitches or payment failure.
  • Follow up with customers and convince them to complete the purchase if their cart is abandoned.
  • Ensure consumer loyalty and repeat business via multiple channels.


In addition, client interactions across contact channels are gathered and displayed as a unified view in a modern contact center. This allows a more cooperative and integrated approach to customer satisfaction. As a result, customers don’t have to repeat their issues, boosting their brand happiness.

Add Value to Your Product or Service

Implementing and deploying the correct channel for certain situations is one of every business’s major issues. 

For example, an email or a fast SMS might inform your consumer when a product is in stock. A multi-channel contact center enables businesses to select the most cost-effective channel to satisfy customers.

Provide Worldwide Business Support 

Having several contact channels reduces business overheads if your company has multiple locations worldwide. Most free voip pbx providers offer Free PBX toll-free numbers as well. Your customers can contact your business without worrying about the call charge. 

Webchat and personal emails are useful communication tools. These tools provide your consumers with human contact and improve customer satisfaction.

Take Advantage of Low-Cost Digital Channels

Digital customer service channels have much lower costs than traditional channels. 

An agent can manage numerous live chat windows at the same time. This results in decreased average interaction costs and high-efficiency multitasking employees.

Businesses that use live chat have a 28.4 % agent usage rate compared to businesses that don’t use it. Successful businesses use digital channels for self-service, FAQs, and community solutions to save money.

Give Online Marketplaces a Human Touch

A multichannel contact center offers much-needed human touch to technology-based firms. Following up on a poor experience rating with a phone call helps online businesses create trust and loyalty by making customers feel valued.


Businesses must recognize that customers’ expectations are always changing. You need to think beyond standard free virtual PBX services like phone and email if you want to keep your clients happy with the service you deliver. 

New digital channels are gaining popularity among your customers as well. As a result, now is the moment to work with the best free virtual PBX provider like Aavaz FreePBX to acquire a significant competitive advantage over your competition.

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