What does the upper lip thicker than the lower lip mean?

According to the concept of anthropology, each person is born and possesses different lip shapes, which shows individual personality traits. At the same time, it is a characteristic associated with the unique destiny of each person.

The upper lip is thicker than the bottom lip, carrying a destiny of its own

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In particular, if the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip, it shows that the person has a great energy, personality, excitement but sometimes quite weak. They are people who love themselves, love nature and always seek natural peace in the art world like a true artist. 

Regarding work, they are people who always have a clear opinion, are crazy about work, always put their thoughts in the center. It is their individuality and generosity that they always want to be cared for and shared. 

In general, the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip in women

For women, usually the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip, showing that they are friendly, sociable, open and always caring for others. In relationships, women always know how to behave in friendly communication with people around, easily integrate into different working environments. Therefore, they always receive the love of friends and people around at work, colleagues and are ready to help them when in trouble.

Besides, women whose upper lip is thicker than the lower lip with unclear contours have slightly different characteristics. They are difficult people to express their emotions and think a lot, so they easily fall into a pessimistic state. 

Although he has his own opinion, he is considered a conservative and obstinate person, so it is easy to make wrong decisions. It is thanks to the harmony that the married life of these girls is often more peaceful, happy and lasting. 

In general, the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip in men

For men, when the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip, and the red lips are red, they are considered to have noble generals. Specifically, they are the people who easily achieve success in work and marriage on the career path. 

In addition, men with this lip shape are often responsible, thoughtful, and treat people with special care and concern for those around them. This is the reason why they are loved and supported by many people and have a growing future. 

In terms of married life, they are people who know how to yield, take care and worry about their family, especially always have the will to do business. They are very loyal, caring and loving people in the family. This is the ideal role model for many women.

However, if a man’s upper lip is thicker than his bottom lip, and the corners of his mouth are curved downward, this is a stubborn type. They are always conservative with their opinions, in struggles, they always find a way to win without caring about others getting hurt.

The downside of the upper lip is thicker than the bottom lip

Each person is born with their own unique characteristics, especially in the shape of their lips. Each different lip shape will bring its own meaning and destiny. Those who own the shape of the upper lip thicker than the bottom lip are meaningful and bring good fortune to the owner. 

However, it is the difference between the upper and lower lips that often makes many people self-conscious about their faces, not in harmony and affecting their aesthetic beauty. This is a defect that unbalances the face, making the lips less attractive and unsightly. 

The fact that the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip does not affect health, but it makes women feel less confident in their aesthetics. Therefore, in order to help themselves communicate more confidently, many women have found methods to overcome this defect, helping to highlight their lips and whole face.

How to fix the upper lip thicker than the bottom lip

The shape of the upper lip is thicker than the bottom lip which can make many people unhappy because it does not correlate with the face causing imbalance. Currently, there are many orthopedic services to correct lip shape to help you own a standard lip shape, making your face more harmonious. Here are some ways to fix the upper lip thicker than the bottom lip that you can refer to.

Make up

Makeup is one of the most popular ways of women, but it requires you to have professional makeup techniques. Makeup tips will help you hide your flaws, make your lips more beautiful, balanced and in harmony with your face. This is a way to bring immediate results without having to waste time and money.

Use foundation, concealer to cover the outer edge of the lips and use lipstick color to focus on the center of the lips. This is how to create the effect of making the lips thinner and more natural.

In addition, you can also use some suitable lip colors to give a new look, by applying the following makeup tips:

  • Use foundation to apply all over the lips and blur the lip line thoroughly. You can use nude lipsticks to create effects for your lips and use red or pink lipstick to brush your lips. Thus, you will own a much smaller and more beautiful lips.
  • In addition, you can also combine lipstick colors such as ruby ​​red, orange pink to shape the lips. Both bring quick results and make your lips much smaller and more beautiful.
  • Besides, you can also take care of your lips by applying moisturizing cream or vaseline to your lips before going to bed. Helps lips become more glossy, sexy and avoid peeling. 
  • In addition, in order to help the shape of the lips standard form and more beautiful. You should paint the lip line before applying lipstick, that will make it easier for you to apply lipstick and shape your lips to be smaller and more impressive. 
  • Combine using foundation creams, concealer to paint on the outer lip rim, shape the lips and apply lipstick in the heart of the lips. Makes the lips look small and hides the thick upper lip.

However, this is only a temporary method to cover the defect of the upper lip thicker than the lower lip, so it will have certain limitations that you should consider other methods:

  • Makeup methods that specify the shape of the lips provide a temporary effect that cannot be maintained for a long time. 
  • Makeup to cover thick lips requires a lot of time and ingenuity in contouring. To do this, you need an investment of time, people who are usually busy will not have time to apply lipstick or makeup thoroughly. 
  • The method requires you to have makeup skills, if the skills are still young, the makeup takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you should consider how to fix your lip shape with this method.

Use Filler injection for lips

One of the ways to fix the condition of the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip, which is filler injection. This is a common cosmetic way that many of you trust, because it helps to make the lips quickly and firmly. Filler injection will help shape the lips according to the golden ratio mold, create an arbitrary shape and help the upper and lower lips not be disparate.

You can use this method to beautify yourself instead of having to spend a lot of time applying makeup. This method will bring quick results and does not take too much time to invest. Filler injection is a safe form of beauty, but you need to choose reputable and quality facilities to beautify and be safe for your health. Filler is safe if you choose the right facility to do it, and it becomes a threat if you choose a bad one.

Orthopedic surgery on lips

In addition to injecting fillers to help make the lips more balanced, you can also use lip correction methods to correct the imbalance of lips. This method is chosen by many people because it brings long-term aesthetics and does not affect health.

This is a permanent method to fix the upper lip thicker than the lower lip, so it will help correct the upper lip more perfectly. This method both saves time and money but brings long-term results, without the need for multiple surgeries. After a period of surgery, the lips will become more natural and perfect. 

A lip with a thicker upper lip than a lower lip means good fortune, helping people shape their personality. However, the difference in thickness of the upper and lower lips can cause imbalance and harmony for the overall face. That makes many people confident, do not want to communicate. And on the market today, there are many different methods to fix orthopedic lips, bring about aesthetic effect. The above article of Seoul Academy will help you give a compelling reason to decide to cosmetic your lips.


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