A research proposal is the blueprint of your original research study. It explains to the supervisor and research committee members that your proposed research study is viable and researchable. A good research proposal is what is written in a convincing tone, and that has the power to convince the supervisor of the viability and significance of the proposed study. It also has some qualities that play a major role in its approval.

As a researcher, do you know what those qualities are? Do you know what the 3 C’s of a good proposal are? If your answer to these two questions is a NO, then you have come to the right place to know their answers. In today’s post, we will discuss the 3 C’s as well as the qualities of a dissertation help for proposal. Before that, let’s define a research proposal.

What is a research proposal?

In its simplest definition, a research proposal describes what your proposed study is, why researching this topic is important, and how you are going to research it. These three as the basic elements of a proposal. Without an explanation of these questions, a proposal is not considered a proposal. The format of a proposal varies from university to university. However, a good proposal has the following elements in it:

  • A strong introduction to the topic
  • A detailed survey of the literature
  • Discussion on the proposed methodology
  • A talk about the research limitations
  • The list of references to the sources

What are the 3 C’s of a good proposal?

After reading the information above, you know what a proposal is and the elements of a good proposal. However, you still do not know the 3 C’s of an excellent research proposal. Thus, in this section of today’s article, we will discuss those 3 C’s. Hence, a brief description of the 3 C’s is as follows:

  • Compliant. It means that your research proposal must be compliant with the guidelines provided. It should be compliant with the field-specific requirements. It means your proposed topic should be relevant to your field.
  • Complete. The next C suggests that your proposal must be complete. It should not be missing any part or any section that an excellent proposal has.
  • Compelling. It should be compelling. Being compelling is the essential property of a proposal. The more compelling the proposal is the more chances of approval.

Qualities of an excellent research proposal

An excellent research proposal has some qualities. It is the qualities of a proposal that compels the supervisor to approve it in the first go. Do you know what those qualities are? Most probably not. Keeping this in view, in this section of today’s article, we will discuss the qualities of a good proposal. Described below are the top 6 qualities:

A well-stated description of the problem

The first quality of an amazing research proposal is that it describes the problem very well. It defines the problem and discusses its causes. It does discuss not only the causes but also the consequences that society may face if the problem remains unsolved for a long time. All this information about the problem comes in the introduction section. Thus, you can say that a well-crafted proposal has an impactful introduction.

Describe the relevance of the problem

Sometimes research proposals are written to secure funding for an original research study. In this case, the funders want to know the relevance of the proposed research problem to their mission, vision, and values. A good proposal describes this relevance very well. It has only those things in it that describe its relevance. The goals of an excellent proposal match the goals of the funder’s organisation.

Emphasise the significance

The 3rd quality of a good research proposal is that it emphasises the significance of the research study. It highlights why it is important to research the proposed problem in light of the consequences that may be faced by society if not solved. So, in your proposal, you must discuss the significance of your research study. You may know its importance, but explaining it to the supervisor is mandatory.

Discusses the approach

The 4th quality of an excellent research proposal is that it discusses the approach. What does it mean by approach? An approach is being used here for research methodology. It means that an amazing proposal talks about the methodology and research methods that will be used to collect and analyse the research data. Whether it is a qualitative methodology or quantitative, a good proposal discusses it in detail.

A reasonable and convincing tone

The tone is another parameter to measure the quality of a proposal. A good research proposal is one that has a reasonable tone. The words used to write the proposal are convincing and have the ability to convince the supervisor or research committee members of the viability of your research study. A good proposal always avoids irony and sarcasm. Therefore, you must also avoid it. However, if you do not know how to write in a compelling and convincing tone, take research proposal help from top writing services in the UK.

Discusses the research timeline and budget

The research budget and timeline are two important aspects of a research proposal. A good proposal discusses them in a detailed manner. It has the research timeline in the form of a Gantt chart that explains which task will be carried out and when. The budget section is for funders. It gives them an idea of how much they are going to spend on this project. Thus, budget and research timeline are two important things.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, a research proposal is an academic document that explains a proposed research study. It describes what the research is, why it is important to conduct it, and how you will conduct it. In this guidepost, we have discussed the 3 C’s and qualities of a good research proposal. Thus, go through each line crafted above and write your proposal accordingly.

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