Engineering jobs are always sought after these days due to their high pay scale and long tenure. Hence getting into an engineering job brings great rewards both financially and socially. The top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in India with salaries ranging between Rs.15 Lakh – 40 Lakh Per Annum (PA) are mentioned below. The list includes the salary structure and qualifications/qualifications required for the posts followed by the details of each engineer’s role and responsibilities along with contact details.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is an integral component of the engineering discipline. It has been recognized as a discipline by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). It is concerned with the study, design, and analysis of the mechanical behavior of systems, materials, and structures. As such it is a subject that is interdisciplinary but it is considered to be a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is one of the most popular and rewarding careers in the engineering field. The civil engineer is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, airports, water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants, and other facilities and structures. Civil engineering is a profession that is growing rapidly because of its importance and need. Civil engineers are responsible for maintaining the safety of the environment, providing clean water and wastewater treatment, and protecting the public from dangerous conditions.

Chemical Engineer

According to Forbes magazine, Chemical Engineers make $95K per year. While not everyone sees money as the sole motivating factor for working hard, these salaries show just how much you might earn for your efforts while studying chemical engineering online! Other top-paying jobs include Computer Network Security Analyst ($81k), and Senior Web Developer ($74K).

Electrical Engineer

The electrical engineer job market is flourishing these days. This career option is just increasing day after day. Although there are multiple career paths available for Electrical Engineers, including design engineers, quality control engineers, product testing engineers, etc., still those who go into engineering find themselves earning way more than others in the same line of responsibility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for electrical engineering professionals was $82K in May 2014 with the highest being paid at $93K. Not surprisingly, some of the top-paying states include New York ($91K), California ($89K), Texas ($87K), and Florida ($86K).

Environmental Engineer

The median salary of environmental engineers is $120,000 annually. Environmental engineers work for the government and private industries, and their job is to protect and preserve the environment. They work in a variety of different fields, from engineering to biology. They design buildings and other structures to be environmentally friendly, and they are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations that govern how people can live in the environment that they are protecting.

Computer Engineer

A computer engineer is one of the Top 10 highest paid engineer jobs. It is one of the most difficult and also one of the best engineering jobs. It is a job that can be done by all those who are good at computers and know how to use them. You don’t need to use your hands or your brain to install the software; you just need a PC in your home and a mouse. You can even make a living out of it by giving your service to other people free of cost. This job is very much fun because you can make good money. You can do this work from your couch and earn at the same time. All you need to do is to invest some of your time and effort into it.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineering was started by industrial engineers as a result of a lack of qualified people in the industry and the rapid change and growth of the automotive industry in India. With the emergence of new technologies coming into fashion, the demand for Engineers rises constantly. Industry demands more employees who possess good technical skills and aptitude. Hence there is a huge competition between those candidates. In addition to academic excellence, you will find job-oriented companies offering professional careers opportunity in Industrial engineering. The salary structure is pretty high in these jobs for top engineers, depending upon experience and educational qualifications. It varies according to designation and company policy. A typical engineer in the private sector earns around Rs.50000 – 7.5 lakh every month while government engineers do not enjoy any benefits for joining.

Geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical Engineering has become one of the Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs. This is because the job is in demand. It is important to hire a geotechnical engineer because many companies need to do a lot of work around the world. This job is hard because you will have to work a lot of hours. However, the pay is very good. The starting pay for engineers is between $50,000 and $75,000. The average pay is $72,000 a year. When you get a promotion you can make $75,000. The best paying years are the third and fourth years.

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Aeronautical Engineer

Aero-Engineer is one of the top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in the country. In the current job market, the average annual salary of an aerospace engineer is $95,000. The job is a combination of science and engineering. In this field, the candidate needs to be well-rounded and proficient in both science and mathematics. The candidate should have a degree in engineering or science.

An aeronautical engineer works to develop and design airplanes and helicopters for commercial and other purposes. They work for both private and government firms and have a variety of educational backgrounds. Their education normally requires a bachelor’s degree, and some colleges offer an additional master’s degree. Their responsibilities include the development of both aircraft structures and aircraft propulsion, as well as the development and testing of their controls. The typical starting salary for an aeronautical engineer is about $85,000, and the highest pay is $160,000.

Chemical and Biological Engineer

Chemical and biological engineers are included in the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs as they are always in high demand in the market. They are responsible for developing new drugs and new medicines and cures.

Chemical engineering, chemical biology engineering, biotechnology engineers, and bioengineering were some of the leading engineering specialties in 2015 according to salary surveys conducted annually by Payscale, Inc. Biomedical engineers usually design devices and instruments to assess or treat medical problems including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases or other disorders. They develop materials and products based on chemistry and biochemistry that include pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic reagents, vaccines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and household items. As per the research carried out recently, there was an increase in demand for Bioengineers due to rapid growth in the emerging industry sectors like biotech, pharma, and agri-business.


Engineering jobs are always sought after these days due to their high pay scale and long tenure. Getting into an engineering job brings great rewards both financially and socially. The above section discussed the top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in India with salaries ranging between Rs.15 Lakh – 40 Lakh Per Annum(PA).

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