..The custom of sending flowers to a grieving person dates back thousands of years to when embalming was nonexistent. Flowers were utilized for more than only memorializing the deceased; they were also employed for their scent to mask the stench of decomposing bodies. It has developed into a living tradition throughout time. Even though embalming is no longer necessary, flower tributes are still an important element of funerals nowadays, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to mask the scent of the deceased. Send flowers online, as flowers opposed to sympathy gifts, may be tailored to convey the exact message you wish to convey. Flowers come in various shapes and hues that reflect various personalities. Beyond its outward look, each flower holds deeper significance. Being actively involved in choosing floral tributes may make your offering much more meaningful to the grieving family. 

Chrysanthemums – Flowers

 When creating a sympathy arrangement, it is important to take into account the many global implications associated with these odd flowers, sometimes known as mums. White chrysanthemum is associated with sadness in Asian cultures, although they are exclusively used during funerals or on graves in European societies, which see them as a symbol of death. In the United States, chrysanthemums are frequently associated with happy flowers that commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed away.


Crimson carnations stand for love and adoration, whereas white carnations are symbolic of purity. Based on the colors of the flowers and the characteristics of the deceased. One can see how carnations make the ideal flowers for funeral rites.

Lilies – Flowers

Lilies have a close relationship to Christianity, represent “peace” in Asian civilizations, and denote “innocence” in several other cultures. Sword lilies, which have stems that gently extend, also stand for moral fortitude, fidelity, and memory. The most typical flower seen in sympathy bouquets is the lily. These have strong ties to Christianity and serve as solace to grieving people since they represent innocence. Asian cultures often associate lilies with peace and sending peace wishes to someone going through a difficult period can be helpful. 


Before choosing a color, you should be aware of these signals since the meaning of a rose varies depending on its shade. White roses online are a popular choice for condolence flowers because they represent a fresh start and the last farewell. Because they also stand for remembering, they are perfect for letting those in grief know that their loved one won’t ever be forgotten. Yellow roses’ brilliant color is a representation of friendliness and generosity. They’ll show a friend that you’re always there for them, despite the fact that they might not seem like it when things are going badly. Peach blossoms, which symbolize sincerity, are a good option. They will express to the grieving person their heartfelt support at this difficult time.

Wreath – Flowers

Most flowers used to express sorrow to mourning family members are wreaths. Even though white is the color of sympathy, no set color scheme must follow while using wreaths. A lovely and tasteful wreath must display, but it must not be celebratory. 

lavender & eucalyptus 

The qualities of purity, stillness, devotion, serenity, elegance, and peacefulness symbolize by lavender flowers. While certain eucalyptus trees believe to hold gold, eucalyptus stands for power, protection, and abundance. Another common misconception about eucalyptus leaves is that they “have a cleansing effect since bad energy vanishes in the location where you burn them.” These herbal plants and flowers are fantastic for families and loved ones who are more spiritually inclined. Additionally, it’s a wonderful way to feel closer to our European ancestors who, when grieving for days in their homes, employed these herbs to keep the space smelling lovely. We advise people with spiritual practice and those attending funerals to bring these flowers. They stand out since you don’t see them at many funerals anymore. 

Orchids – Flowers

It is feasible to incorporate orchids, especially potted ones, into a funeral arrangement. Orchids represent empathy, and The classic orchid hues of pink and white. Which traditionally stands for eternal love, use to convey condolence. The most suitable orchid species to send as sympathy flowers are often phalaenopsis and dendrobium. Represent a person’s, eternal love. The best colors for a funeral bouquet are pink and white.


Gladiolus is a traditional option for funeral flowers and ought to utilize when the deceased has strong morals and virtues. These flowers often stand for power, moral rectitude, and honesty. Many colors are available for gladioli, but none have particular meanings, so feel free to select the one you like most. 

People require the support of their friends and family through this difficult period. There is no simple method to move through time. But the thoughtful gifts, kind words, and presence of people dear to you go a long way. Flowers sent in sympathy are a beautiful way to convey comfort and care. It may not be possible for many individuals to be physically present with the bereaved owing to distance. Sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture that shows support for people who can’t be present at that difficult time.

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