Imagine that you get up in the early morning to grab a glass of water or late-night snack. While you are walking into the kitchen and walk through the door to the fridge and look out the corner of rehab centers near me your vision you notice your iPhone. Stop thinking about your snack, but you’re contemplating whether you have an email. Say to yourself that you’ll be checking it later in the morning, but you’re too tempt so you pick up the phone to go through it. Discover that you’ve received an invitation from a friend on Facebook as well as a letter from your cousin who lives in Seattle and an enticing email from a person named Roseanne Legato, who is educating you about the advantages of Viagra. There’s nothing urgent, but you realize that if you hadn’t examined it, you’d have spent the night in bed wondering if you should get up to check it out to forget about it and go back to sleep.

Tina Indalecio is currently working on her Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University.

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If you think you’re not the only person who is always connecting and “plugg in”, don’t worry , because you’re not alone. “ONE of three people around the world acknowledges having a problem with technology as per the findings of a study conducted by researchers at the Cranfield School of Management. Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield and the Cranfield School of Management, stated: “Our global study concluded that the addiction to technology is primarily about being addicted to a certain kind of lifestyle drug rehab west Virginia or work style and, as such, is driven by ambition, desire to connect, the need for intimacy, social networking as well as age. There are people who live for socializing while others work, while some are careful about their privacy and space.” (Business MK, 2009(link is external))


In that regard I think it’s crucial to remember that we frequently discuss how we consume media or, in this instance technology. But, I’d like to look at this from the point of view of technology actually eating us. It consumes us because it connects us in ways that have never been before, and, sometimes, dissociating us from our surroundings that surrounds us.

My cell phone is the most utilized device I have. It lets me be always connect. I can make calls and text messages, play music, snap photos and browse the web read and reply to messages, tweet and keep up with Facebook and stay on LinkedIn with business acquaintances and play solitaire, figure out my way around, and much more. I’m Los when do not have it at my side. And yes I am among those who check frequently on their email which is sad but it’s true.

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