Today in our Recreation blog , we will talk about the benefits of children’s swimming in your urbanization

The benefits of this sport are many, it helps in the development of motor coordination, relaxes, whets the appetite, has benefits for breathing, circulation, and muscle toning. It is one of the most complete sports. But it also contributes to the development of the independence and self-confidence of the child. Not to mention the great importance when it comes to avoiding drowning, one of the great evils of water, which is combated by learning to swim at an early age.

Swimming children in your urbanization. Benefits

Swimming for children in your urbanization provides an additional benefit, because you do not have to travel, saving time and money. It also offers the child to do a sport in their environment and with their neighbors.

How do we do it?:

Very easy!. One of our teachers moves to your community of neighbors, and offers certificate in groups or individuals in your community pool. An added comfort for the parents of the neighboring communities.

At Recreation we have been offering this service for years and many children have benefited from learning to swim at an early age with us. We have great professionals and dynamic and fun certificate, so that the child can play sports and learn while having fun, spending a pleasant time in the aquatic environment. We also offer midwifery : swimming for pregnant women and mothers and fathers with babies. A highly recommended activity that provides all the benefits mentioned, in addition to strengthening the bonds with the baby.

You know!. If you are looking for children’s swimming in your urbanization, do not hesitate to contact us. We leave you a video of one of our swimming with lifeguard certificate, in one of our Recreation urbanizations Recreation Madrid. Service to Communities of Owners.

Swimming pool recommendations with children

Good morning, today we will talk about pool recommendations with children. It is quite common in the summer for mothers and fathers to consult in groups in parenting networks, issues related to swimming pools and children. From Recreation we will address this issue, always following the needs of families.

Swimming pool recommendations with children

Safety. Avoid drowning

  • Be wary of floats and sleeves. Recommendation of the National Child Safety Association. In Spain , child drowning is the second cause of death in childhood. In the last five years, more than 100 minors have died in Spain from this cause, the group at greatest risk being that of children under 5 years of age. Boys and girls should always be in the water under supervision and the best recommendation to avoid drowning is learn to swim at an early age . Remember that the supervision of your minor children is your responsibility; that of the lifeguard certificate is aquatic rescue when necessary.
  • Emergencies: In swimming pools that do not have qualified lifeguards ….adults and children must know the PAS behavior (Protect; Warn; Help), as well as resuscitation maneuvers and the emergency number to call, 112. In swimming pools that do have with lifeguards certificate, always attend to their instructions.
  • Drains: Check and take care of the maintenance of the pool . Also, try to keep children away from these elements. Know how it works and how they are disconnected. Move toys and conspicuous items away from and around the pool when not in use.
    Protect babies from the sun
  • The Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care (Papp) and the Spanish Society of Intrahospital Pediatrics and Primary Care (SEPEAP) give us these tips to protect the skin from the sun .

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