The Sondai Fort is a less well-known fort close to Karjat, Maharashtra, and is well-known for enthralling visitors with thrilling hiking experiences, particularly during the monsoons. It is one of the less well-known attractions in Karjat. A breathtaking view of the Matheran range of mountains, Karnala Fort, Morbe Dam, Rajmachi, Irshalgad, Prabalgad, and Songiri forts can be had from the Sondai Fort, which was initially used as a watchtower.

By scheduling this enjoyable Sonadi Fort Trek journey to Sondai Fort, you may unwind while admiring the beautiful views of the Matheran Mountain range, which features lush vistas and hazy peaks.

All about the Sondai Fort Trek

One of the simplest hikes in Maharashtra is the Sondai Fort Trek to the Sondai fort, which is close to Karjat. It was a guard tower at a height of 1200 feet, and the Sondai goddess shrine at the top gave it its name. In the Raigad district, the Sondai fort hike is located around 9 kilometers from Karjat. It was constructed close to the mountain ranges of Matheran and Karjat.


Many forts are visible from the Matheran range’s uppermost section.

The altitude of the Sondai Fort Trek is 1200 ft. The best season to plan the Sondai Fort trek is in the monsoon season. Being an easy trekking journey, the Sondai Fort trek is ideal for beginners. 


About the history and geography of the Sondai Fort trek

The Sondai Fort was constructed to serve as a watchtower for keeping an eye on the surrounding area. Its name comes from the temple dedicated to the Sondai Goddess that stands atop the mountain. Since the temple has no formal structure, the tree atop it is regarded as its wall.

The Sondai fort walk is a modest hill fort excursion that is more of a watchtower, located at a height of 365 meters. Sondewadi and Wavarle, two settlements, are located at the foot of the fort. The fort is a quarter of a height away from Sondewadi village.

One may see the Morba Dam, the Prabalgad, Songiri, Rajmachi, and Irshal forts, as well as the Matheran mountain range, clearly and admirably from the top of the Sondai Fort. 

The fort has 4 water tanks, of which 2 are used to store drinkable water. On the top of the fort, there is also an idol of Sondai Devi, and the steps to get there were carved out of rocks. To make the ascent simpler, the people have erected two ladders. While the second ladder takes us directly to the summit, the first one has two cisterns to its right.

About the trail of the Sondai Fort Trek,

The Sondai fort trek is short and easy, and it takes around an hour to get there. During the monsoon, the trail is a little more difficult since the rock steps get slick.

The fort can be reached by two different paths. The path from Wavarle has a little more challenging approach because it travels through a thick forest, making the one from Sondewadi more desirable.


About the trek route and difficulty of the Sondai Fort Trek

One of Maharashtra’s simpler hikes, Sondai Fort is recommended for those just getting started with hiking. An average person may finish the trek from the base village to the summit of the fort in 2 to 2.5 hours. The distance is about 1.7 kilometers. You can complete the walk without a local guide because of its difficulty. The walk begins at a parking area in the base village and climbs gradually for 10 to 15 minutes before reaching the first plateau. read also about : sindhi camp bus stand

The second half of the trail winds through a forest before coming to a place where you must negotiate two treacherous rock bridges to get to the third and last section of the trek. You must climb two staircases to get to the top of the Sondai fort in this third section. Throughout the hike, villagers open stalls selling water, snacks, fruits, and nimbu paani.


About the things to do while on the Sondai Fort Trek

  • The Sondai fort’s summit is a great place to watch the sunset.
  • Get pleasure from the vistas of Irshalgad, Morbe Dam, and Prabalgad.
  • The twin Changewadi waterfalls are a great place to come to cool off after a hike if you travel during the monsoon season. Thakare Hotel is a renowned local eatery where you can get misal pav.


 About the attractions along the Sondai Fort Trek.

Beautiful views of the Matheran Range and Morbe Dam. The views from the Sondai Devi Temple at the top are mesmerizing. There are ladders to climb at the top that offer an exciting spice to the climb. The Fort’s water cisterns are also amazing.

About reaching the Sonadi fort trek,

Sondewadi village, located 11.5 kilometers from Karjat, serves as the starting point for the Sondai hike. Using either public or private transportation, you may get there with ease.

  • By Train: If you’re arriving by train, get out at the Karjat station, then make your way to the Kalyan end before exiting on the Eastside. From here, we can take an auto to the nearby Sondewadi village, which is 9 miles away.
  • By Auto (From Karjat): From Karjat Chowk, take a six-seater auto or ST, and get off at Borgaon Phata. We can reach the Sondewadi settlement after a 3-mile walk along the road that runs alongside Morbe Dam.
  • Public Transportation: Take a train in the early morning to Karjat station, then a local rickshaw to Sondewadi.
  • Private Vehicle: From Mumbai and Pune, one can also drive to Sondewadi. 

It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to cover the distance of 60 to 70km from Mumbai.

It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to cover the distance of 105 to 120 km from Pune.

  • If traveling from Mumbai by vehicle, one has the option of taking the Eastern Express Highway or the Sion-Panvel Expressway. Follow the Mumbai-Pune Expressway out of Pune to get to Khopoli, then take the Khopoli-Karjat route out of Khopoli to get to Talawani.
  • Train travel is simpler because there are direct trains to Karjat from Mumbai and Pune. One must board a 7-seater rickshaw called a tumtum or an ST bus to get to Sondewadi’s base hamlet.

About the one-day itinerary of the Sondai Fort Trek.

The pick-up points are,

  • Andheri ( bisleri bus pick-up point).
  • Kalanagar bus stop (on the highway), Bandra.
  • Sion Station Circle
  • Chembur near K-Star Mall.
  • Vashi plaza (below the flyover)
  • Kalamboli, Mcd


Take a break for breakfast along the way to refuel for the hike.

Get ready, pack your luggage, and leave! The ascent for Adventure Trek will only require a short distance. There will be a few stops along the journey where you may enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Once you arrive at the top, you will see a lovely panorama and hazy clouds. Take some shots to remember it.


You’ll begin to descend. You finally get a glimpse of the surroundings you traversed earlier in the day. When you reach back down, quickly grab lunch. Set out on your return trip to Mumbai. The tour comes to a successful conclusion.



You can complete the spectacular and simple Sondai Fort Trek in a single day. Your walking trip will be remembered for the fantastic track and the stunning surroundings.

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