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When it comes to presentations, there are few things more frustrating than trying to power through a slideshow on your phone. It’s difficult to read the slides and keep up with the presentation at the same time. And even if you manage to do it, you may not be getting the best experience possible. Slide Ignite Edge is a new presentation companion app that aims to change all of that. With Slide Ignite Edge, you can easily view and control your presentation from anywhere in the world. You can also make changes on the go without ever having to stop your presentation or lose your place. If you’re looking for the best way to power through your next presentation, Slide Ignite Edge is definitely worth checking out.

What is Slide Ignite Edge?

Slide Ignite Edge is a new iPad app from Venkatesh Neowin that gives you the ability to create stunning slideshows and presentations on the go. With Slide Ignite Edge, you can quickly create engaging slides with powerful effects and animations without having to learn any complicated tools or programming languages. Just drag and drop your content into the interface, and watch as Slide Ignite Edge takes care of the rest.

Slide Ignite Edge is perfect for creating quick, professional presentations on the go. The app has a user-friendly interface that lets you easily add your content, with powerful effects and animations that will make your slides look amazing. Plus, there’s no need to learn complicated programming languages or tools – just use Slide Ignite Edge to create stunning slideshows in minutes!

What are the features of Slide Ignite Edge?

Slide Ignite Edge is a powerful presentation tool that enables users to create and deliver powerful presentations with ease. The app has a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for business professionals and students. Some of the key features of Slide Ignite Edge include:

-The ability to create stunning slideshows with ease.
-The app offers a wide range of themes and designs, as well as the ability to customize your slides.
-The app provides users with extensive formatting options, including the ability to add multimedia content such as videos and images.
-The app has a number of built-in templates that make creating presentations easy.
-The app offers support for voiceover technology, making it possible to provide narration for your slides.
-The app is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, such as business meetings and college lectures.

How to use Slide Ignite Edge?

How to use Slide Ignite Edge

If you’re looking for an edge in slide presentation and want to take your presentations to the next level, Slide Ignite is the app for you. With features like interactive transitions and stunning motion graphics, Slide Ignite can help turn your average slide show into something extraordinary. Here’s how to use it:

1) Open the Slide Ignite app on your device and sign in.
2) On the home screen, tap on an existing or new project. You’ll see a preview of your slides as well as control over all the elements of your presentation.
3) To add a transition, drag and drop from the Transition library onto a slide. You can also type in a custom transition name or choose from one of the pre-made options.
4) To add animation, tap on the Animation library and select from a range of animations including animated GIFs and videos. You can also add sound effects and background music.
5) To change the color scheme or apply special effects, tap on Edit on the right hand side of each slide. You can also change text alignment, font size and more.
6) When you’re finished editing, tap Share to share your presentation with others or export it as a PDF or JPG file for future use.


Slide Ignite Edge is a powerful presentation tool that can help you make your next meeting or presentation rock. With its intuitive design and fast performance, Slide Ignite Edge makes it easy to create beautiful slides that will capture your audience’s attention. Whether you are giving a speech or presenting data, using Slide Ignite Edge will give your audience the information they need in an engaging way. Read More

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