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Microeconomics Assignment Help Topics

There are many concepts in microeconomics, and we cannot cover them all, but a few of the most important are:

  • Game Theory:  Managers rely heavily on this area when making decisions. Managers use game theory models to make better decisions about price and output. Managers working in interactive payoff environments need a framework that anticipates their colleagues’ actions. A couple of game theories and techniques that many organizations use are:

Two-Person Games:  As a player in this game, you can be either a single player or an organization- a decision-making unit with certain resources. Using these resources is governed by the game’s rules.

Nash equilibrium is another technique

  • Classic Duopoly Model Of Cournot:  This provides a detailed explanation of reaction functions for each firm. Profit maximization and Nash equilibrium evaluation are covered in the classical duopoly model.
  • Externalities And Market Failure:  Microeconomics examines the reasons for market failures through externalities and market failures. This section deals with the social cost of a product.
  • Behavioural Economics:  Behavioral economics analyzes how market decisions are made and how public choice is influenced by factors such as self-interest bias. Three themes dominate behavioral finance: Heuristic, which involves people making decisions based on thumb rules rather than strict logic. The non-rational decision-making assignment help also covers market inefficiencies.
  • Demand theory: Demand theory is a branch of economics that studies the relationship between consumers and their demands. Goods and services are demanded, as well as their costs. The price of the goods determines the demand for goods at a given time. The higher the supply, the lower the demand. The demand curve is based on this.

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