If you’re interested in the life of a famous actress, then you may want to look into the biography of Ruby O. Fee. You can learn a lot about her early life, her career, and even her family.

Birth name

Ruby O’Fe is an actress who has starred in many movies and television shows. She has appeared in several different genres, including thrillers, action, romance, and drama. Her career started when she was still a child and she has now been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. In her younger days, Fee lived in Brazil, Germany, and France.

After graduating from the Bela Bartok Music School, Fee moved to Berlin, Germany, and made her acting debut in 2010. Later in her career, she worked in various films and television shows, such as ‘Womb’ and ‘Lotta’.

Ruby O. Fee has dual citizenship in both Costa Rica and Germany. She is a Christian and her family members have not been named. The actress has a large social media following, with over 190 thousand followers on Instagram. She uses the username “@rubyofee”.

Ruby O. Fee has been in the film and entertainment industry for a number of years. She has been nominated for several awards, including the Immenhof Film Prize. She has also been honored for her performance in the TV series ‘Allein Gegen die Zeit’. Aside from her film and TV work, she has been a model.

Early life

Ruby Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee, also known as Ruby O. Fee, is a German actress who has gained international recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in numerous films and TV shows and has been nominated for various awards. At the same time, she earns extra money from her modeling profession. As of 203, the estimated net worth of Ruby is around $6 million.

Ruby was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1996. Her mother is of German descent. The family moved to Berlin, Germany, when she was twelve years old. While she grew up there, she attended Bela Bartok Music School.

Ruby started her acting career in 2010. In 2010, she made her debut in the film industry with the movie Womb, where she starred alongside Matt Smith, Eva Green, and Lesley Manville. During this time, she also starred in the film adaptation of the children’s book The Black Brothers.


Ruby O Fee is an actress and model who resides in Germany. The actress has gained popularity for her acting skills. Aside from her acting abilities, she is a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Her family moved to Germany when she was twelve. Later, the actress lived in France. At that time, she had a mixed-race family.

Ruby O Fee is one of the most prominent German actresses. She is well-known for her role as Sophie Kellermann in the television show 13 Hours: Race Against Time. Moreover, she is also famous for her appearance in the movie Womb.

The actress has been in the film industry since 2010. She starred in the science fiction drama movie Young Rebecca. After her successful performance in the movie, she was given more major roles in i bomma.com movies and TV shows or World news.


Ruby O’Fe is a German actress and fashion model who is best known for her role as Sophie Kellerman in the German TV series “13 Hours: Race Against Time”. She has appeared in various movies or News Tech.

Ruby O’Fe’s acting career started at a young age. While she grew up in France and Germany, she lived in Brazil and then moved to Berlin, Germany in 2008. After graduating from Bela Bartok Music School, she opted to pursue a career in acting. Her early roles in television were marked by a variety of genres.

Fee began to show signs of her talent at the age of 16, and she eventually got her first big screen appearance in a film entitled Womb. Later, she starred in a sequel to the horror film Bibi and Tina called Bibi & Tina Voll verhext! In 2014, she portrayed Sophia von Gelenberg in Detlev Buck’s film, “Bibi & Tina.”

Ruby O’Fe has also received multiple awards for her work. She was nominated for the Children’s Jury Golden Sparrow for her performance in the film “Die Schwarzen Bruder” (2013). Furthermore, she was awarded the Jupiter Award for Best Actress in a TV Series.

Personal life

Ruby O Fee is a German actress and model who has appeared in various i bomma.com films and TV shows. She has also directed and written screenplays. Her films have been well-received, and she has earned several awards.

Fee is currently dating German actor Matthias Schweighofer. In 2019, they made their public debut together when they were seen together in the Netflix movie Army of Thieves.

Ruby O Fee has a Costa Rican and German nationality. She was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. When she was around twelve, she moved to Berlin, Germany, with her parents. At the age of 14, she appeared in her first TV show.

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