In this article I want to explain to you everything you need if you decide to tackle a horse course how to start or simply to find out more because it is a very old sport, a sport which has the reputation of being one of the most expensive ones. He often wonders if it is only suitable for children, or if it is also suitable for adults. I will explain everything you need for horse care, how to prepare the horse every day before riding and what you need to ride. Many tips are also waiting for you on how to behave with the horse which, seen from the outside with such a large tonnage, many may think that he is aggressive, that he is scary.


But let’s get down to business:


The origin of horse riding.

Horseback riding is a very old sport that has ancient origins, in fact the horse entered the life of man already in the times of the Romans and the Greeks, but we were able to start riding in 1911 in Italy as a sport recognized by the Society for the Italian Horse, to which FISE or the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports was later recognized as an Italian sport in all respects in 1926.


Choice of riding school and insurance.

To start riding, you must first know where to go. The structure where you are going is very important because riding is risky and you need to make sure where you are going is safe. The license is a card issued by the Italian sports club that assures you, you don’t have to pass an exam as you might think, but it is insurance, in fact for me it is the first thing to do before you start riding.

Once you have decided to engage in horseback riding, you must decide what type of horseback riding you want to do; such as English riding, American riding which are the most widespread, but there are also lesser known mountain sports and equestrian sports which could be taken into consideration. Once you’ve decided you need to give it a try, there’s no other way to figure out the proper structure.


Prepare the horse.

If you are a beginner, you may not imagine everything that needs to be done before riding a horse.

That’s why I’ll try to summarize all the steps before training step by step, so that those who don’t know how to behave have a clearer idea.

First of all you have to put the halter on the horse if he is in the box when entering the box. Once on, grab a leash and let the horse out. In stables there are usually special places to tie horses, but otherwise they can also be safely tied to the bars of the box. Horses are very playful, indeed one thing they like to do is roll around and unfortunately to our detriment, we have to use roughness to remove the mud and earth that often gets stuck in the coat. Once cleaned, the horse likes to be brushed and this is also necessary as the horse has to change coat at certain times of the year, and therefore brushing it helps to remove the excess. Then the horse must be shod. Hooves are big nails, which the farrier can shoe,

The horse hands you his hoof, in fact before taking his hoof you must make the horse understand which hooves you want to lift so that he can transfer the weight to the other 3 legs. How do you do? Just do not startle or irritate him, stroking the leg from the thigh, the horse will immediately tend to bend the leg. This is obviously a job that the farrier has to do but it is always fair to know everything that happens to your horse or the horse you have in trust (below you will find the explanation of the horse in trust).

Returning to the cleaning of the horse, with the same method used to shoe it, take the hoof and with a special tool or, the nettapiedi, clean the cavity of the hoof with an aluminum piece and made with a round tip allows you to clean all straw soil residue stuck in the hoof cavity, then with the brush attached to this brush tool to clean it even more.

The cleaning of the horse is finished, but now everything has to be put on so that the riding can begin. Sometimes on the “ankles” of horses we notice shin guards and we wonder what they are for; they are not needed for normal training, they are needed when you have to do jumps because the ankles are the most important parts of a horse. So in case the horses have bumps, better to use them.

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What is trust? What does it mean to have a trusted horse?

Another thing to know when you start riding is what confidence is. When you would like to have a horse, but may not have the ability to purchase it or the space, you can take a horse into trust. What is that?

There are two types of credit, global credit and shared credit.

Complete trust is like renting a horse from the owner to the host family. The latter decides to take care of a horse 100% for the duration of the contract, deciding to take care of all the expenses of the horse, both ordinary and extraordinary, such as the farrier or the veterinarian. On the other hand, when it is shared, the owner and the host family are responsible, but both can ride the horse, without having problems, and to go out there must be an agreement between the two, having all the both the same rights. The expenses are divided in two so each pays 50% of the necessary expenses for the horse.

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