oleocanthal can be a member of the polyphenols group which basically means that it has antioxidants derived from vegetables. It’s also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Oleocanthal exerts the same impact on your body to Ibuprofen, but with no of the usual adverse negative effectsbut with no of the usual adverse negative effects. Oleocanthal can also be investigated to reduce cancer-causing cells due to goat milk products to exposure to UV radiation. There’s a lot to learn about these substances and, based on studies that have conduct they’re showing to beneficial to the skin.


Olive Oil Takeaways

Olive oil is beneficial for all types of skin however, if you are naturally oily skin or acne-prone skin You may want to be cautious. The oil of olive has the property of being comedogenic which means it can block your pores and possibly cause breakouts. If you’re looking to add olive oil to your daily skincare routine, applying a thin layer or using products made from natural ingredients with olive oil (like our bar made of goat’s milk soap!) is highly recommend.

  • Oil of olive is a naturally occurring ingredient we incorporate into our products. It is one of the “power ingredients.” It contains numerous benefits for your skin and is pack into one oil!
  • Olive oil can use to treat bacterial infections. If you’re prone to acne it is a great choice to try these Tea Tree goat milk skin Care or Vienna Rose Goat Milk soaps, since these soaps contain essential oils, along with Astringent properties that can help to reduce breakouts. Also, try our sugar and salt scrubs to remove dead cells, boost circulation, and clean all in one go. The olive oil used in these scrubs will make your skin soft and smooth, while keeping the bacteria away, as well as to soothe your skin.
  • Olive oil is among the few oils that is natural GMO-free It’s highly likely that olive oil won’t be genetically alter in the near future. So should you be seeking to eliminate GMOs and other chemicals, olive oil could be your good option.
  • According to research conduct in the early days, olive oil has shown to fight cancer-causing cells that are the consequence of being expos to ultraviolet radiation. Another reason to be excited about lathering on goat’s milk soap!
  • Its chemical composition closely matches the oils found naturally on the skin’s surface, which increases absorption and moisture. If you suffer from sensitive or dry skin, try our ultra-moisturizing, essential free of oil oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap. In addition to the numerous advantages of olive oil, this bar soap is infuse with real honey to heal and moisturize your skin. It does this by taking advantage of powerful antioxidants, also recognized for their ability to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to give your skin a beautiful glow!

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Are you looking to try some of the natural skincare products created by olive oil? Take a few bars of our goat’s milk soap, milk bath and one or more of our sugar or salt scrubs and see how incredible this ingredient can be beneficial to the skin.


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