When one is planning a visit to Dubai, numerous effects and conditioning come to mind, similar to spending the day in the awful shopping, spangling megalopolis, sitting in fancy cuffs, and eating food. But do not forget that the real beauty of Dubai is erected on the beach. So how does one neglect the Dubai desert safari experience?


Enjoy romantic daylight and experience a hot air balloon lift. Numerous trip and voyage companies give excellent services to their guests. It’s as if they have picked you up from your destination in a nimble Land Rover and let you know the story of Dubai’s history

.After a beautiful lift, you’ll witness an evening of desert along with a succulent four-course mess. While eating or grilling, you can enjoy the most delightful part of the package belly dancing and the traditional Tanoura cotillion. In addition to fineness and a symbol of frippery, the” Falcon” presents you with a place to hold the raspberry and take filmland. It’s also known as the Falconry show.

After that, the camels are there to leave you at the roof door, so you can have a good night’s sleep. Get ready early in the morning to enjoy a hot air balloon lift over the rolling stacks. Enterprising Lift Desert safari’s proper name is Adventure Unlimited.

Dubai Beauty of Desert

It’s time to appreciate the true and natural beauty of Dubai, the beauty of the desert. Explore the beauty of the Dubai desert with camel lifts, drift strollers and scrabbling at Sandhills. Then you can observe the silence and tranquillity of the beach indeed in the presence of air. You’ll therefore have colourful options to choose a Dubai safari package according to your wishes.

Latterly, take a seat in the desert under the open sky and spend a romantic night under the shining stars. It’s the most emotional and precious thing you can witness in the vast Dubai desert.

After many clicks, you’ll be back at your camp by camel lift. Now is the time to enjoy belly dancing while enjoying a succulent Emirati dinner.

Evening Desert Safari

The significance of the foliage is that it can grow in extremely high temperatures, indeed without water. In addition, you can also spot desert wildlife, from Arabian gazelles to oryx. After that, you can have a morning breakfast according to Arabic tradition. You can eat your filler and return to your hearthstone to explore the fascinating megacity of Dubai.  Also, the evening safari is a great option, If you aren’t a big addict to staying overnight at the Dubai VIP Desert Safari camps.

A Toyota Land Cruiser is also available to pick you up from your hostel and drop you off at your final destination at the desert camp. Experience henna designs and numerous live performances like dancing and fireworks.


Please note that you must be 18 times of age and retain an authentic motorist’s license for this exertion. Sleeping under a starry sky Get in the auto and drive through a wide range in the middle of the desert. However, also drift perambulator is the same option, If you want to have an indelible desert experience.

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