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It is not deniable that the people of the modern century are so busy. They always find new ways to save time and make life easy. Especially when it comes to food, they prioritize frozen items because they are easy to cook and eat. But their meat packaging boxes are challenging because the frozen food items are kept in the refrigerator. Due to humidity, the standard meat box can’t last for long. It can be torn and soggy easily. If you do not eliminate these issues, the buyers will not buy frozen food items from you.
You can trust us to sort out that issue ( We customize the box with durable packaging material and laminations, which sort out all your issue regarding frozen items’ packaging. Besides that, we make the pa packaging attractive to seek buyers’ attention and make the box able to introduce in the market.

Two steps to make frozen meat packaging 100% reliable:

  1. Choose durable quality packaging material for the perfect base:

To keep the custom meat boxes lasting long in the refrigerator, it’s essential to customize the box with the finest quality material. Our cardboard, kraft, and corrugated box are 100% durable and eco-friendly. Also, they are more economical than other packaging materials like plastic, tin, etc. Here is proper quaintness.

  • Cardboard material boxes:
    Cardboard boxes can be the best choice for packaging frozen meat. They are easy to customize in any shape or color you want. In natural form, cardboard is available in brown shade. As they are easy to print, you can print them in other shades with PMS and CMYK color schemes.
  • Kraft material boxes:
    The kraft material boxes are also durable and perfect for customization. You can use white kraft if you don’t want to invest in printing. Besides that, you can use brown kraft boxes too.
  • Corrugated material boxes:
    The shipment of any product should be 100% secure. Otherwise, you can get a considerable loss. Therefore, we recommend buying corrugated material boxes for secure frozen meat bulk dispatching. They are customizable in any length or size. For extra durability, you can add flutes too. However, you can also use corrugated material boxes for retail purposes.

Laminate the whole custom meat box with gloss lamination:

If you do lamination, your box can only last in the refrigerator against humidity. Thus, lamination seals the full box inertly and outer like an extra layer of protection. They also elevate the box’s durability.
We have all the lamination and coating options, but buyers prefer gloss lamination. It’s because it gives shiny effects, which enhances the printing shade vibrancy. Additionally, gloss lamination is water resistant. Also, it protects the box surface from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints.

Make the custom frozen meat box eye-catchy:

As you know, plain boxes are out of fashion now. People love buying customized products only. Therefore, it’s essential to make the packaging visually attractive. You can choose any unique design or image from anywhere you want. Our designing experts with craft that for you.
If you are new to customization, you don’t need to worry. We can send you a free raw sample kit of foreign meat boxes. It consists of almost 7 to 8 different designs and shapes boxes. You don’t need to pay for the production. It’s free.

Utilise PMS and CMYK color schemes for shading:

For color making, we have PMS and CMYK color schemes. The PMS color schemes give you infinite color-making options. And CMYK color schemes give you four color options (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, black). Both are economical, but PMS is a bit high priced than CMYK.
However, we recommend you make color matching wisely. It’s because some shades like dark blue and black look similar together. Due to that, the design will not be prominent. Or maybe it looks over. Also, some color combos can make the design dull. Therefore, choose carefully even if you can take help from our design experts.

Customize the frozen meat box with a die-cut window:

The meat comes in different shapes and sizes. Even though you mentioned it in the box, buyers still had difficulty trusting or choosing. We recommend customizing the die-cut window on the box surface for that problem. For intensifying die-cut window design, you can craft it in different shapes.

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