Olivia Wilde is an amazing actress and has had a lot of success in her professional career. But, beyond that, she is also a great person who enjoys life to the fullest. Olivia shares how her relationship with Harry Styles keeps her “happier than ever” in this post. So if you’re looking for inspiration, read on!

Olivia Wilde Relationship with Harry Styles

Nearly two years after the first meeting, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are still together. The pair has been photographed multiple times throughout the year, and constant rumours of a relationship have circulated. Yet, in an interview with Glamour on October 2, Wilde refutes any claims that their relationship is anything but genuine.

“There’s no ‘fake’ about our relationship,” she says. “It’s real.” When asked if they’ve talked about eventually having children, she replies emphatically: “Of course!”

Wilde also credits her happy relationship with Styles to their reciprocal respect for each other as individuals. “We both know what we’re getting into,” she says. “And that allows us to be really true to who we are.”

Despite public speculation of a happily ever after between the two Hollywood stars, their love story will continue without tabloid drama.

What Inspired Them to Get Married?

When Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles first met, both 18 years old and fresh out of theatre school in London, they were instantly drawn to each other. “It was this deep connection from the beginning,” Wilde says. “Harry and I both have an innate confidence that comes from knowing who we are, which is something we learned early on.”

Despite their age difference (Wilde is now 36, while Styles is 24) and the fact that they lived in different countries (Styles in England and Wilde in the United States), the two started dating six months after meeting. They were married on September 23, 2013, achiever’s home chapel in Big Sur, California. And though they’re still young by Hollywood standards (they only had two children between them–a daughter named Aviana Monroe Styles, born in January of 2016, and a son named Knox Winter Styles, born just over a year later), their relationship seems to be going strong. In an interview with MarieClaire.com last year, Wilde credited her happy marriage to her famous beau:

I think it’s probably because we have this really good connection emotionally. We don’t fight as often as couples do when one person doesn’t feel supported or loved. We support each other wholeheartedly and give 110 per cent all the time. I believe happiness comes easier when you have that balance in your life where you feel emotionally supported. We’ve been Happier Than

How has Their Relationship Been Beneficial?

Since Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles started dating in 2015, their relationship has been one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood. The two have continually shown off their love for one another on social media, proving their relationship is truly beneficial.

Despite the criticism surrounding their relationship initially, Olivia and Harry have stuck together through thick and thin. Their love has helped them to grow as individuals and has strengthened their bond as a couple. In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Olivia revealed that her relationship with Harry keeps her “happier than ever”.

Olivia believes the key to her happiness lies in her close connection with Harry. She credits him with making her better physically and emotionally and says he is the most supportive person she has ever known.

While some may criticize their relationship for being too public, it seems that these two are very happy together. They certainly make a stylish pair!

-Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Happy and Healthy

When Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles first met, they were both parts of the “Twilight” movie franchise. Afterwards, the pair dated for a few months before breaking up.

Now four years later, their relationship is stronger than ever. Wilde spoke about their relationship recently in an interview with W Magazine and shared some invaluable tips on keeping your relationship happy and healthy.

Here are three of her top tips:

1) Make sure your communication is strong. Communication is key to any successful relationship, but it’s especially important when things get tough. “I think the best way to keep a happy partnership alive is through open and honest communication,” said Wilde. “Regular check-ins make sure that you’re both on the same page.”

2) Give each other space. Too much togetherness can lead to resentment or boredom, which will only further stress your relationship. It’s crucial to give each other enough time and space to recharge so that you don’t grow frustrated or resentful of one another.

3) Be patient with each other. No one comes into a perfect relationship, so expect bumps along the way. Yes, couples Therapy might be something you need! But overall, trying to do things your way instead of relying too heavily on one another will likely lead to happier lives together in the long run.”

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