From organizing household items to packing your belongings, moving your entire home is not an easy process. Fortunately, with the help of these smart moving tips and tricks, it gets a little easier. You can hire Packers and Movers. After going through these valuable tips you will be able to handle the entire packing and moving process in a better way.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on cardboard boxes. You can also find free moving bins at your local recycling drop-off point. You may find several cardboard boxes that your neighbors are throwing away.

1. Reuse the original box of your electronics

Speaking of moving boxes, don’t forget to reuse your old boxes. From televisions to blenders, most electronics and small appliances ship in cardboard boxes. If you still have these boxes, we recommend that you reuse them during your move. As a result, the item not only fits perfectly in the box, but also no money has to be spent on the box.

2. Receive quotes from at least 3 Packers and Movers

Don’t hire the Packers and Movers Company you talk to first. Instead, try to get quotes from at least three companies to compare prices and services. When interviewing moving companies, make sure they have the proper permits and insurance.

3. Take plenty of bottled water with you when you travel

With so much work on commuting, it’s easy to forget the simple things. For example, a lot of water may be needed on a moving day (especially in the summer). On the day of the move, it’s a good idea to bring bottled water to your new home. Trust us – the Movers and Packers will thank you for it.

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4. Take a photo of your luggage before you pack it

Planning to hire Packers and Movers? Take photos of all fragile and valuable items before packing. If the mover breaks or damages the item in the relocation process, these photos may be required to file a claim and obtain compensation.

5. Choose travel dates mid-week and mid-month

The easiest way to save money on a move is to choose a moving date mid-week and mid-month. If you move on a weekend when demand is higher, the cost will certainly be even higher. Packers and Movers and truck rental rates are usually lower Monday through Friday. They are also usually lower in the middle of the month compared to the first and last weekend.

6. Moving boxes in various colors and household items with labels

Don’t waste your money on cool animated stickers. Simply use colored sticky notes to color the squares as you go. For example, put pink sticky notes on things you want to donate and green sticky notes on things you want to sell. Place an orange sticky note on the box of utensils. Place a blue sticky note on a box of office supplies.

7. Use foam bags for plates, bowls, and glassware

It takes a long time to cover the product with plastic wrap or padding material, and a large amount of packing tape is required to secure it. Instead, try using a simple foam bag to hold everything from dishes to glassware. All you need to do is place the item in the foam bag and place it in the box.

8. Place heavy items in small boxes

It’s tempting to put heavy items in big boxes, but it’s best to put them in small boxes. This not only makes the box easier to transport for Movers and Packers, but also prevents items from falling to the bottom and breaking the box.

9. Stuff box with breakable items like pillows and blankets

Kill two birds with one stone by putting pillows and blankets in a moving box full of fragile items. This provides extra cushioning for items to prevent them from breaking while also allowing more items to be packed into the box.

10. Save donation receipts for tax season

Do you donate household items to charities such as Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity? Save those donation receipts! When tax time comes, you should be able to use those receipts to claim your income tax credit.

11. Make sure the moving truck has a parking space

Do not forget to reserve a parking space. Without it, you could disturb your neighbors and get a parking ticket. Also remember that time is money. When drivers waste precious time looking for a place to park their truck, they end up costing more money commuting.

12. Pack your daily essentials

Never move into a new home without a box or bag of moving supplies. This box should contain everything you need for your commute (and days to come). Essentials include toothbrushes, medications, toiletries, clothing, important documents, baby items, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning spray, trash bags, tool kits, pet food, bottled water, purses, extra shoes, etc.

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