When it comes to medical software, practitioners have several alternatives. Selecting an EMR (electronic medical record) manager that suits your clinic’s needs is critical. This Meditech vs Charmhealth comparison will help you determine which of the two is best for your practice. It will go through their main features, pricing, and demos. 

Meditech supports healthcare organizations in managing their everyday operations to provide better patient care and customer service. Various types of health organizations use it to conduct tasks such as scheduling, revenue management, charting, and more. 

CharmHealth is a cloud-based service that requires no initial investment. The company offers electronic health records, practice management, and medical billing solutions. They charge depending on the number of interactions established each month rather than billing each provider. CharmHealth’s price structure makes it appropriate for new practices and entrepreneurs. 

Meditech EMR 

Key Features 

Acute Care Management  

Expanse for Acute Care by Meditech EMR integrates evidence and expert-based Standard Content. It is aligned with best practice workflows from the start for better patient care. Pre-built, doctor-related toolkits provide outcome-focused implementation instructions.  

It establishes best practices for workflow and setup to diagnose and treat sepsis, CAUTI, and other critical conditions. Across the continuum, you may see consult requests, new results, and handoff alerts. Furthermore, Rounding List may be customized to give you greater control over acute care management. 

Oncology Support  

Meditech supports specializations to help physicians manage care focused on diagnosis. From the time of diagnosis till survival, cancer patients require full-time support from healthcare staff. They additionally require oncology-specific treatment. As a result, it is even more critical that oncologists have access to a complete medical history record.  

Expanse Oncology by Meditech is a comprehensive outpatient solution. Expanse integrates automated workflows for practices, visits, and infusions to enhance efficiency. You can handle large patient numbers while providing a positive patient experience.  


Expanse, an easy capability integrated by Meditech, adapts as needed to fit providers’ expectations. It also reduces the workload on your healthcare staff. The focus of this feature is to provide a complete set of tools for focused patient care. 

The Expanse Virtual Assistant is implemented to alleviate physician workload. It is a cutting-edge technology that responds to simple spoken requests by finding the information you want. You don’t have to type, point, click, or even touch your device. 

Meditech EHR Cost 

Meditech EMR cost is tailored to each practice based on its size. The price plan is intended to fit the needs of every organization, no matter how large or little.

Meditech EHR Demo  

You may request a Meditech EHR demo from the customer support team to evaluate the software’s key features and see how it fits into your clinic. 

Meditech EHR Reviews 

Meditech reviews show that people prefer it to merge clinical documentation and billing (front and back). It simplifies billing and coding, compliance checks, and claims assessment when compared to other apps.

Charm EMR  

Key Features  

Practice Management  

Using a color-coded calendar, create and manage patient appointments and organize resources like rooms, IV chairs, etc. Allow patients to schedule appointments using your website or patient portal. You may become paperless by uploading and storing patient and practice data like handouts, consent forms, and x-rays. 

Sort papers into folders and label them to make them easier to find. Manage and distribute the drug, vitamin, and other inventory in your office. Set reordering thresholds, monitor inventory levels, and obtain information on current inventory, medicine expiration, and reordering threshold. 


Using secure, text-based communication to connect with colleagues and patients while keeping to HIPAA laws. You can use laptops and tablets to access various medical programs without downloading software. For on-the-go access, get a mobile app. Allow physicians and patients to share their screens in both directions. Use this feature to receive patients’ papers virtually or communicate medical information with colleagues and clients.

Electronic Health Record 

Online cloud-based EHR (electronic health record) solutions make creating and managing patient data simple and safe using only a web browser. You may swiftly record patient encounters using SOAP (Simple Object Access Portal) templates specific to your profession. The flowsheet allows access to patient advancement by monitoring health vitals and testing data over several visits. Connect to over 70,000 pharmacies to send electronic prescriptions and authorization requests for pharmacy/patient refills. 

Charm Health Pricing 

When it comes to CharmHealth EHR pricing, there are three options. Users can perform up to 50 free sessions and save 1,000 patient records. The Encounter Flexi Plan allows you to customize the price for your practice based on the number of people using the software. The monthly charge for this membership package is $25. Charm EMR costs $350 per provider on the Provided Plan. 

Charm Health Demo  

You may learn best practices for enhancing the effectiveness of Charm EHR software capabilities by watching a demo. You may contact the Charm EHR demo through the official website. 

Charm Health Reviews 

According to Charm EMR reviews, the application makes it easy to manage records, deal with patient data, and keep up with the ever-changing nature of patient care. The Charm EMR may be used for document management and patient scheduling. 

Final Remarks 

Meditech is a user-friendly EHR system that automates patient data retrieval, charting, and reporting. The approach was deemed extremely basic by the reviewers. Users noticed that it adds to the secure and tidy arrangement of information, resulting in a favorable user experience. Customers may utilize and navigate the platform without feeling overwhelmed. Predicting the diagnosis also enhances therapeutic precision. 

Charm EHR Software is designed to be used in internal medicine, obstetrics, dentistry, family practice, pediatrics, and integrative medicine. In addition, they provide a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based telemedicine solution for businesses and hospitals. 

If you’re unsure which of the two to use in your clinic’s workflow, compare them by viewing their demonstrations. If you manage a small practice, choosing software with flexible price choices is simple. 

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