MEDHOST EHR is an electronic health record (EHR) software solution that automates and streamlines patient administration, from registration and scheduling to documentation, billing, and more. It also provides a comprehensive, real-time view of patient information critical to providing quality care.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the EHR is a fully-integrated system of healthcare data tools that support all members of your staff throughout the entire care continuum.

Patient portal

A patient portal is a powerful tool that allows patients to access and share their healthcare information with their providers. These tools allow patients to view and download test results, schedule appointments, request digital paperwork, and communicate with their physicians through secure messaging.

Although patient portals have become an integral part of modern healthcare, it is still challenging to get patients to use them regularly. Despite recent data showing that nearly two-thirds of hospitals offer online access to patient health records and over half support secure messaging, patients remain reluctant to utilize their portals.

The Medhost ehr patient portal, YourCare Community, enables patients to view their own health data and connect with their providers. It also equips them with personalized health programs to help reduce their risk of developing disease.

Medications can be easily prescribed and tracked by providers through the mobile app. MEDHOST offers a variety of other mobile apps designed for the fast pace of modern healthcare that improve workflow processes and patient care. So, These include the enhanced Mobile Medication Administration app, branding and CRM tools for YourCareUniverse patient portal and YourCareEverywhere, a health and wellness site.


MEDHOST EHR software offers a comprehensive, real-time view of patient information critical for healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care. It automates and streamlines key workflows to support your hospital team throughout the entire care continuum.

Streamlined patient flow and improved operational efficiencies are the foundation for improving care and revenue. It’s why MEDHOST has been recognized as a leader in clinical workflow management and scalability.

Our solutions help keep your physician and administrative workflows buzzing along, while strengthening care coordination and patient engagement. The MEDHOST EHR platform offers intuitive and customizable functionality, while integrating with a wide array of ambulatory systems.

Designed to address the unique needs of critical access and community hospitals, MEDHOST EHR solutions also offer unique revenue cycle and financial management features. So, by providing a highly functional, easy-to-use and intuitive interface, MEDHOST enables these facilities to capture more revenue and improve their business.

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Patient engagement

In the health care industry, patient engagement is a critical strategy to improve quality and reduce costs. It focuses on the patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to be active in their own healthcare.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that patients who are more engaged in their own care experience better outcomes, incur less health care costs, and have a greater likelihood of receiving the care they need. In turn, this has led to an increased focus on the Patient Engagement Framework by many healthcare organizations across the country.

The Patient Engagement Framework is a model developed to help health care organizations develop and bolster their patient engagement strategies. In addition, It offers five stages of implementation with tools and resources to support each step.


Medhost ehr is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution for large and small healthcare organizations. It includes features that enable clinicians to document workflow processes and manage patient data more efficiently.

The EHR enables hospitals to streamline workflows and improve patient satisfaction by enabling automated communication, physician search capabilities and advanced reporting. It also supports a variety of niche specialties, including behavioral health and acute care.

MEDHOST committed to providing industry-leading technology to rural health at an affordable cost. The company has conducted Advisory Group sessions that included subject matter experts and solution users from rural health.

MEDHOST focuses on developing and delivering user-friendly software solutions that enhance productivity, throughput and patient care experiences. So, Its products include OpCenter, which addresses inpatient flow and bed management for operational and bottom line improvement; HMS, an enterprise-wide technology platform for community hospitals; and Patient Logic, which offers applications that make daily EHR interactions more productive.

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