If we hear “Breaking News”, our brains are flooded with the feeling of urgency. Then we pay more focus. This isn’t unusual for our brains. The brain reacts to strange situations or things in a much faster manner than regular situations od news. Print and visual media attempt to maximize the impact of these two terms, principally to draw the attention of viewers.



One of the major sources for these news is television channels. The channels on television are considered to be the most popular visual medium used to announce these information from time-to-time. The majority of these announcements are displayed on the screen when announcements aren’t broadcast. During news hours along with the reel, longer periods and in-depth reporting are given to news telecasts to provide breaking news. Some TV stations overstate the significance of the story, and also cover smaller reports as news breaking. When there’s nothing particularly noteworthy to report, some TV channels show general events or news items in breaking news, just to attract the attention of their viewers. In the short run the method may be successful however over the long haul they’re likely to lose their viewers. This is because they deceive their viewers by ignoring less important events that are labeled as news.



There are a myriad of websites on the Internet which offer information. But are you able to trust the reliability of the information offered by these sites? Only trusted websites provide authentic and useful stories. You must be aware of the characteristics of a reliable news website to receive accurate information. There are websites that can provide real and interesting stories, but they’re not adept in picking the best story to report in the form of breaking news. These websites consider almost every story as breaking news , and consequently confuse their users. At some point it becomes apparent that it would be quite a challenge for a site to get the attention of users to newsworthy events. The problem arises when users believe they’re being scammed, and are offered generic messages that exaggeration. Websites therefore lose traffic.



Therefore, both television channels and websites must be fair in broadcasting news. They must not misinterpret the importance of the messages or confuse users. However, these news outlets should be focused on providing accurate information and only report important news “Breaking News”. If the media is professional and is able to achieve its ultimate goal of communicating news to those who need it will be accomplished. more

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