Two faceted crystalized carbon specimens, both crystal clear and emitting a kaleidoscope of structural colors direct light. They appear to be the same. Of course, they’re both diamonds. The first is a natural diamond formed by forces deep within the Earth’s young crust. Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery The second is a laboratory that has the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as its natural counterpart.

Although laboratory-grown diamonds appear identical to natural diamonds, they have subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment designed for that purpose.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference between a lab diamond and a natural diamond in front of you. Despite their similarities, there is a significant price, whistle value, and overall desirability difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds.

There are, however, some significant differences that should cause you to reconsider your decision.


The scarcity of natural diamonds contributes to their high price. They rely on complex and costly mining operations, and there are no guarantees about what will come out of the ground. The labor and energy required for mining and polishing the stones contribute to their cost.

Lab diamonds, on the other hand, will be less expensive than natural diamonds. Because they are not part of the same supply chain. Technological advancements also allow for greater efficiency in the creation of lab-created diamonds.

Resale value

The resale value difference between natural and lab diamonds is even greater than the price difference. While natural diamonds typically retain around half of their initial value, lab-created diamonds are nearly impossible to sell without accepting pennies. When you made the purchase, you lost a percentage of the message’s value.

Impact on the environment

Another point of distinction is their environmental impact. Lab-grown diamonds are the more environmentally friendly option. Because they can be traced back to the T, they have no environmental or humanitarian consequences that a naturally mined diamond would have.

When you choose a lab-grown diamond over a natural diamond, you are making a more conscious and responsible choice for the environment.


To the naked eye, lab diamonds and mined diamonds are nearly identical. If you buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery, it is almost certain that no one will notice unless you tell them. Lab diamonds may contain very small inclusions that are present in natural diamonds. These inclusions are rarely visible unless magnifying tools are used.

While diamonds should not be considered an investment, there is logic in purchasing a piece of jewelry that is likely to retain its value over time. If this is important to you, go for natural diamonds.

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