Looking to explore the Cayman Islands? Grand Cayman is the largest of all the islands and it’s full of what you would hope for in a Caribbean island — beaches, fresh fish, scuba diving… But there are a lot of things about Grand Cayman that may surprise you!

Get to know the island and you may just start wanting to look for Grand Cayman condos for sale!

Larger Than Expected

Grand Cayman is a lot bigger than people first think! It’s actually 22 miles long and has a total area of almost 76 square miles. There’s a ton to explore on Grand Cayman, from the beaches to the towns to the tours. You’re always bound to find a new and interesting place to enjoy whether you are here as a tourist or are planning to settle down!

Swim with Stingrays

While you may be quite aware of the scuba diving around Grand Cayman, there’s even more unique water activities. Stingray City is a must-see! You can swim and play with stingrays and learn more about these interesting creatures. This area also has a 12-foot scuba dive excursion for the braver people in your group.

Shipwrecks Galore

Grand Cayman has over 240 shipwrecks surrounding it and most of them are easily accessible. Some of these shipwrecks are very old and historically impactful while others are newer and purposeful to help make scuba diving more fun! You’ll see extensive ships out at sea, some still full of various treasures. Fish will also use the ships as their home, meaning you’re bound to see eclectic wildlife on these dives as well.

Grand Cayman is the Birthplace of Scuba

Speaking of scuba diving, the Cayman Islands are where scuba diving developed into the hobby and occupation it is today. It was introduced in 1957 and has become a popular activity for both research and entertainment purposes. It’s no wonder that Grand Cayman has so many incredible dive sites, from deep dives to wildlife exploration to shipwrecks.

Peace and Quiet

The current population of the Cayman Islands is just 68,000 people. Most of them live in Grand Cayman! Still, that’s really not too many people at all. Los Angeles, just one city, has 1.85 million residents!

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax and explore, Grand Cayman is it. Crighton Properties has Grand Cayman condos for sale that have stunning beach views and a small, spacious community.

Thar Be Pirates

Grand Cayman celebrates Pirate’s Week from November 12 to the 22nd each year! This festive celebration is held throughout the island, complete with mock invasions to watch. There’s a ton of festivities to check out all over the island as well, making this a great time for the entire family.

Great Weather

Even if you aren’t coming in November to see the pirates, you’ll get amazing weather. Grand Cayman’s average temperature is between 75 and 92 degrees all year so any time is a great time to visit. Grand Cayman has a wet season from April to February and a dry season from February to April. It’s a tropical island after all!

Rare Species

If you’re looking for interesting creatures, Grand Cayman is the spot to go. You’ll see green sea turtles and  Blue Iguanas. The Blue Iguana is a critically endangered species endemic to Grand Cayman. The Sister Islands actually have the biggest population of rock iguanas in the Caribbean. You can also see the Ghost Orchid, the rarest orchid in the world.

The Cayman Islands certainly have a lot to offer. Check out Crighton Properties today if you are interested in various properties in the region.

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