Drawing Images will learn how to make the Joker in a few straightforward steps. This guide is quite helpful and straightforward.

This drawing tutorial teaches you how to draw the Joker. Drawing Images step-by-step tutorial consists of thirteen Simple Drawings For Kids steps. You probably know this character if you like comic books.

Best Joker Easy Drawing For Children

The Joker is a supervillain from the world of DC Comics. He is Batman’s main foe and a sworn enemy. While wearing a purple suit, The Joker engages in combat using items that resemble clown props.

This antagonist is a crazy murderer, according to the comic book stories. We are convinced that you will find it useful to complete this program if you want to enhance your artistic skills and if you want to replicate any comic book scenario.

This drawing instruction allows you to practice rendering a human. You will, without a doubt, enjoy completing this simple, interesting sketching course, even though the Joker is a villain.

Time required: one hour.

Joker drawing tutorial: Drawing the Joker:

Draw the lines and the outline of the head:

Draw the Joker’s head as an oval with a point, a line, and two other oval shapes on top.

Put a marker in the locations of the character’s arms and legs:

  • Draw little circles and straight lines at the bottom and sides of the auxiliary lines denoting the torso.
  • Draw the lines of the torso and detail the face.
  • Within the previously sketched head form, add the head, two straight lines for the neck and body, and three curved lines for the body.
  • The character’s arms should be drawn.
  • Mark the outside edges and curves of the character’s arms with circles and straight lines.

Draw the legs in a rough outline:

  • In addition to the previously sketched guidelines, draw straight and curved lines to indicate the position of the character’s legs.

The facial traits to depict:

  • The Joker has a stern expression and a sinister grin on his face. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth with straight, curved lines—a joker clown face illustration.

Include the person’s teeth, ears, and hair:

  • Add straight lines inside the already sketched mouth, an arc for the ear, and curved lines for the Joker’s hairstyle.

Create the silhouette of the jacket:

  • The top of the torso should be covered in crooked, straight, and curved lines to depict the Joker’s costume.

Include the collar and extra parts:

  • Use straight lines to decorate the Joker’s clothing, as seen in the illustration.

The sleeves of the jacket up:

  • Draw the remaining clothing items with straight and curved lines, including the sides of the previously sketched jacket.

Sketch the hands of the Joker:

  • Below the previously sketched sleeves, draw the jacket’s two arms. The bent side of one hand contrasts with the straight side. Inscribe them in straight lines.
  • Draw the Joker’s clothes and shoes.
  • Draw straight lines to represent pants at the bottom of the character’s chest, then add pointed Joker shoes with rounded components.

How to color the picture:

  • The Joker should be colored using shades of grey, black, green, and purple.

Create a joker:

Consequently, this fascinating and original drawing tutorial in which you were shown step-by-step how to create the Joker ended. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments, and be sure to say if you liked the course or had any problems. Your feedback and ideas for brand-new drawing courses will be gratefully received.

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