Your home’s interior design can be enhanced with personality and charm by hanging photographs, artwork, and posters on the walls. There are many more items of décor you can put on the walls for an extra touch of style or comfort, however, experienced home stagers typically advise against doing so when staging the home (the area needs to be as depersonalised as possible).

Are you interested in photography and do you have any favourite photos? They might cross the fireplace, the wall in the dining room, or the stairway.

Fix the wall decoration.

When a prospective buyer tours your area, you wouldn’t want that painting or portrait to come crashing down from the wall or injure them. Make sure it is securely and correctly hung. For strength, you can choose wall studs and nails.

Fasteners and picture hanging hooks are additional alternatives for medium-sized frames. Screws would be a safer and more secure option for bigger and larger paintings and photos.

Setting up and hanging your work

The next stage is for you to arrange and hang them once you’ve brought your own. Choosing where and how to hang them is a wonderful place to start. Here are a few ideas that you will undoubtedly find helpful:

1.       Above the sofa or any other main point in the space – In the living room, for instance, you could hang a picture of your family there. Just make sure the wall art is hung correctly to avoid endangering anyone who may be lying on the couch.

2.       In lobbies, stairwells, or corridors – This gives your home a contemporary gallery aspect by allowing the artworks to be hung adjacent to one another with plenty of space in between.

Use colourful wall art.

The much-needed pop of colour you seek in your indoor environment can be found in posters, photos, and paintings. Your realtor and spouse are opposed to you painting your walls a bold crimson. What should you do? Look for wall gothic art and pictures with vivid red colours and tones, combine them on your walls, and see how the colours come to life.

Your wall art can also give your room contrast or accent. Paintings or posters that are pastel-based or have light colours would create contrast and visual appeal if your walls were painted in vibrant colours and hues.

Not only pictures and photos

You can add additional wall decorations from wall art  platforms like Canvas Direct, to create diversity. For instance, frames can be spaced apart with hanging candleholders. For a warm atmosphere, crafts made of various materials can also be presented. A vibrant wall clock can serve a dual purpose of decoration and utility. You can hang clipboards of various sizes and use them as display frames for various pictures or statements you prefer if you wish to switch up your wall famous wall art sometimes.

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