How To Close A Kohl’s Credit Card | Cancel A Kohl’s Credit Card In 2022?

It’s a terrific idea to use the Kohl’s Credit Card to reduce the cost of your regular expenditures. With this card, every purchase you make will earn you Kohl’s Cash, which you can use to reduce the cost of future purchases even more.

You’ll get exclusive discounts and deals that are only available to cards.  Additionally, your Kohl’s credit card is accepted at any Kohl’s location, both in-person and online.

How Do I Terminate My Kohl’s Credit Card?

If you’ve made up your mind that you no longer want to use your Kohl’s credit card, just follow these instructions to cancel it:

There are two methods to cancel your Kohl’s credit card:

_Via Phone

  • Utilize or redeem all of your unused rewards via email
    You must use up or redeem all points before you may cancel your Kohl’s credit card.
  • When using your credit card rewards, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Make sure you are familiar with all of your rewards program’s guidelines first.
  • Second, spend your incentives on things you would have bought otherwise.
  • Third, claim your rewards as soon as you can to keep them from expiring.
  • You may maximise your credit card benefits and save money by doing so by paying attention to these suggestions.


_Delete Any Balance

Any outstanding amount and the complete processing of your credit card payment are required before you may cancel your Kohl’s credit card.

The next actions may be taken after your statement balance is zero, but you can’t cancel your card until the payment has cleared.

Remember that the processing time for credit card payments might range from 1 to 5 business days.

By checking into your Kohl’s credit card account online or contacting the customer care number shown on the card, you may check the status of your credit card payment.

Gather information about your Kohl’s credit card account. For the purpose of cancelling your Kohl’s credit card, you must gather your account information.

Account Number Email Address Associated With Your Account Phone Number Associated With Your Account Address Associated With Your Account Answers To The Security Issues
Make a customer service call (Via Phone).

To cancel a Kohl’s credit card, you may contact customer care. You will be asked for your Kohl’s credit card account information as well as a few security questions when you contact Kohl’s customer service.

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_Enter Your Kohl’s Credit Card Number in 16 Digits

Declare your want to cancel your Kohl’s credit card to the customer executive.
After confirming your account ownership with Kohl’s credit card customer support, they’ll verify your account and make sure the card has no outstanding amount.

The cancellation of your Kohl’s credit card is handled by calling Kohl’s customer service when all of your information has been verified.

While you are on the phone, the person will cancel your Kohl’s credit card.

_Using Email

In fact, even though phoning customer support takes more time, it might always be your best option if you don’t have the time.

You may send a cancellation request via the message area after logging into your My Kohl’s Account.

In the body of the message, you must provide your account number and billing address.

If there is no balance on the card, your request will be approved and handled by a representative in 5 business days.

Verify Account Cancellation Confirmation

You’ll get two distinct confirmations whether you cancel your Kohl’s credit card over the phone or online. One is that an email will be sent to the account-related email address. Two, you will get a paper mailer informing you that your card has been cancelled. is providing amazing news for their readers!

Fees And Interest Charges For Kohl’s Credit Cards

For the first 15 months after account creation, there is a 0% intro APR on both in-person and online purchases. A variable APR of 14.99% to 23.74%, which is based on the cardholder’s credit history, is then charged after that.

1. No yearly fee
2. The $37 late fee is charged.

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