My Agthia is a popular online water delivery app that serves the drinking water needs of people in the Middle East region. It supplies sodium-free bottled water in its purest form to the customers’ doorsteps in the least time possible. Customers can order any quantity of water as the platform provides a variety of gallons at budget pricing. It is one of the most preferred online water delivery app solutions in that region. Homes, offices, restaurants, schools, colleges, etc. use My Agthia to manage their daily water supply of drinking water. Since water is the most important ingredient to restore lost nutrients and maintain balanced hydration in the body.

Other than My Agthia, there are numerous water delivery service providers across the world, who also want to make themselves a brand like My Agthia. The only way they can attain this feat is by creating a water delivery app solution of their own. A prominent water delivery app development company with years of experience can help them to build an online water ordering app like My Agthia. They can prefer to create a personalized water delivery app solution from scratch or go for a ready-to-use My Agthia clone app with almost similar features.

Custom water delivery app development as compared to ready-to-go white-label solutions will demand more investment. How much? This we will discuss in the later section of this blog.

First of all, let’s see the benefits a water delivery service provider will enjoy with the creation of an online water ordering app like My Agthia.

Key Benefits of Online Water Delivery App Solutions

If you are a water delivery service provider, choose to create a water delivery app, and you will leverage the following benefits.

1. Greater work efficiency

In the success of any business, work efficiency plays a vital role. When it comes to the water delivery business, quick and timely delivery of water remains highly responsible for the success of this business. And it can only be achieved if the service provider pays keen attention to every aspect associated like drivers, customers, and business. A water delivery app solution that equips all the features required to run the business effectively can do wonders.

2. Improved work accuracy

As compared to handling water delivery operations conventionally which requires manual efforts of the best operational staff. Water delivery management through an on-demand water delivery solution is way more efficient and accurate. A human can make mistakes but software that runs on code and set algorithms cannot make mistakes in doing the mundane tasks associated.

3. Route Optimization

Route optimization can be understood as the finding of the shortest path possible for water delivery. It results in reduced delivery costs. Thanks to route optimization, water delivery business owners can plan their business and effectively save time, and fuel by up to 40%. Also, businesses can maximise the count of their completed deliveries including factors like driver schedule, hours available, and total stops.

4. Easy workforce management

These online water delivery app solutions have a separate panel for drivers or delivery agents. Using this, they can locate the address and manage their lined-up deliveries in a way that a single person can effectively cover one region without getting deliveries mixed up. Other than this, the water delivery business owners can keep an eye on the drivers, assigned vehicles, equipment, and water bottles.

5. Enhanced customer trust

The water delivery mobile app provides customers with regular and on-time deliveries of the needed water quantity. This makes people trust your business and in the long term, thanks to all work automatically carried out by mobile apps, customers turned out to be long-term loyal customers.

6. Geofencing

It enables a location-based service for the water delivery service providers using which they can target customers around a specific location. Whenever a user enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a location, a pre-programmed action is triggered using GPS, wi-fi, or mobile data to push notifications containing special offers and discounts.

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Must-Have Features of a Water Delivery App Solution like My Agthia

A water delivery mobile app is a composition of three different app panels, responsible for handling three different aspects of a water delivery business. Here, we have penned down features that are a must to have for every app panel.

User Panel

  • Sign-up and Login
  • Advanced Search
  • View Profile
  • Order Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Multiple Online Payment Options
  • Reviews and Ratings

Service Provider Panel

  • Register & Login
  • Services & Price Listing
  • Accept/Reject Order
  • GPS Tracking
  • Payment Management
  • Quality Analysis of Provided Services
  • Offers and Discounts

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard Management
  • User Management
  • Map Integration
  • Ads and premium model management
  • Tracking of Business Progress

Cost to Develop a Water Delivery App like My Agthia

After knowing about the popularity of My Agthia, you being a water delivery business owner, must be thinking of developing a water delivery app solution like My Agthia. But you must also be wondering about its development cost. So, to help you out, we will try to offer you the estimated cost figures.

For your information, the app development cost depends on various factors associated. Therefore, it is difficult to tell the exact cost of water delivery app development like My Agthia. Some of those factors are the app type, the app complexity, the app platform, the app development team & their location, and others. So before approaching water delivery app development, you must consider all these factors to budget your app development project.

If you are really interested in knowing the nearabout cost of the water delivery app development, you must consult with the water delivery app developer of the water delivery app development company you are willing to hire. By providing him with your project requirements, you can get to know the app development’s approximate cost.

Still, for your idea, water delivery app development will cost you somewhere between $10000 to $45000. This is an average cost depending on different water delivery app projects’ costing.

Final Words

By going through the blog you must have known everything important about water delivery app development like My Agthia. Including the benefits, you being a water delivery business owner will enjoy the features that are a must to include, and the development cost. Accordingly, if you are planning to build a water delivery app like My Agthia, you can proceed by consulting an experienced water delivery app development company with years of experience and projects delivered globally.

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