How is a hoverkart composed?

The hoverboard kart attachment consists of a frame that converts the vehicle into a hoverboard e-go-kart . There is a telescopic rod, a seat, a handlebar and foot grip as well as a front wheel. The whole thing is connected to the well-known hoverboard. This turns hoverboard with go kart 2 wheels into a 3-wheel go-kart kit. Most popular hoverboards will fit with the kits offered.

How fast does a hover kart go?

With the Hoverboard Kart attachment, speeds of up to 12 km/h are possible. The range depends on the battery of the hoverboard. They are suitable for children and adults alike, although there are special hoverkarts for children that are a bit smaller, especially when it comes to the seat. The maximum weight of a kart for children is usually limited to 60 kilograms. A minimum height of 100 cm should be reached before the kids get on the hoverboard kart. Parents should ensure that their child can steer and brake the hoverboard kart well in order to drive safely and avoid accidents. Depending on the model, a hoverboard go-kart for adults can withstand a load of 100, 120 or 150 kilograms.

Is the hoverkart street legal?

Hoverkarts are not registered and are prohibited on public roads. Therefore, they are more suitable as a gimmick and not as an everyday means of transport for commuters. The lack of road approval is based on the fact that hoverboard karts do not meet the legal requirements for sufficient means of transport, which can reach speeds of more than 6 kilometers per hour due to their design. If an accident happens with the go-kart kit, the liability insurance will not pay in most cases. Neither on public roads nor on private property. E scooter insurance is only available for so-called electric scooters .

Can you build a hoverboard kart with a steering wheel yourself?

Theoretically, it is quite possible to build a hoverboard kart attachment yourself. However, this is not recommended in the hoverkart test. If you cobble together the vehicle yourself, you will often have problems with the steering if the handlebars and board do not fit together properly. Especially if the hobbyist uses a wooden frame, this material can break more easily than a hoverboard sale metal frame. We therefore advise against hammering home-made hoverboard karts together and advocate buying a hoverkart from a reputable supplier. They are cheap to buy and you get a nice fun mobile.

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