The market for designer bags is extremely crowded but still, there are two names that remain in the top two. Those exclusive brands are Balenciaga and Hermes. Both brands have launched hit collections. Now consumers are confused between these two and can’t decide on the right option for themselves. Let’s evaluate what’s best for you! 


Colours are the real game

You’ll be finding every colour from minimalist black, beige, brown, and white to the funkiest neon pink or neon green at Balenciaga. According to preference, you can pick the correct item for yourself. 

In case you’re looking for an everyday bag, it’s advised to go for basic shades. Whereas if you are hunting for a perfect purse to shine at a fancy dinner, funky colours would work too!

Everyone’s type 

There’s a different definition of a perfect bag for everyone. Some people like to go with spacious and big-sized bags whereas some of them want to style with a coin bag or clutches.

No matter what’s your style or which design you prefer, there will be always something exciting for you at the Balenciaga store! Even if you pick a bag with your eyes closed, you won’t regret it!

Spacious but not heavy 

There are many fans of big-sized and spacious purses including working women and a mother but they claim they are heavy and not comfortable to carry. In this case, Balenciaga has structured their handbags in such a manner their bags can handle essentials inside the bag effortlessly. 

Modern look

Most people have a mindset in their minds that big-sized bags aren’t fashionable or stylish. It’s true as most brands compromise on this factor while manufacturing tote bags but things aren’t the same if we talk about Balenciaga. 

Their designers work really hard to make their bags look elegant no matter what’s their size. Adding a Balenciaga bag base shaper inside such kinds of bags is another way of providing them sleek and smooth touch. 

Fewer People would own it 

There’s a huge worldwide demand for their bags. Other than this, a bunch of dollars are also required to purchase them. If you are one of those who can afford such an amazing bag, then you’re lucky. Purchase one now especially if you want to look attractive and different from others. 

Hermes Bag 

No One Would Compete With This Brand 

Hermes is famous for a reason. Thousands of brands were introduced in the market but there was something special in this Hermes that it is everyone’s favourite till now.

This brand actually deserves all that fame and title. There are numerous who own useless limelight and provide no quality in exchange for such expensive accessories. Whereas Hermes pays every penny you spend to purchase their product. 

Exclusive Look

Some bags carry heavy price tags along them but are able to provide a genuine expensive look. Hermes wins in this case as even the cheapest bag at their store looks like an exclusive one. 

Shows your Exquisite Taste 

Hermes will make you recognizable even from a distance. It will show off your wealth and great choice among others. No matter what bag you choose, if it’s from Hermes, you’ll look adorable. To provide better care to your beloved bag, purchase a Hermes bag base shaper from MBoutique! 

Celebrity’s favourite 

We’ve spotted famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing Hermes purses several times. From this, you can gain an idea of how good their bags are. It’s also being heard that Jane Birkin, who has given name to their most famous collection, pays the company in order to get their bags in hands. 

Great Reselling Value 

There’s a good point about these designer bags whenever you not feeling your Hermes bag anymore, you can sell it at a fair price later. So, you can buy their handbags for investment purposes too. 


What bag you should buy completely depends on your requirements and needs. To make it easier for you, we’ve explained good points about both of them so that you can decide accordingly.

In the end, no matter what bag you choose for yourself, make sure to pair it with a bag base shaper.  It will help in maintaining your bag’s grace and style. For getting one, you can see a wide range launched by MBoutique! 

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