From tenants having broken boilers to homeowners frustrated with waiting for their landlord to repair housing disrepair issues to save you from further damage. However, it is challenging if you need clarification on your rights or the direction to start a claim.

Do not take home maintenance for granted; know your right to live in a safe home. So, get your home repaired and compensated before it brings a lot more damage to your life. Take a brief overview of the basic steps in getting housing disrepair claims.

What Does Housing Disrepair Claim Means?

In every city, there is always a chance of disrepair of the buildings. The definition of housing disrepair is quite vague. However, in general, you can refer to it as any damage that affects the maintenance of your home. This can include everything ranging from a leaky roof to a broken window.

If you are a tenant, you need to remain aware of your rights regarding housing disrepair. According to the law, your landlord must ensure that you are living in a safe environment. In addition, if you are facing housing disrepair issues in your home, you can notify your landlord about them. 

It is recommended to keep track of all communication in the record to take legal action. If you are distressed about your home condition, there are some steps you can take to save your family and home. These steps are important to get property disrepair claim compensation from your landlord.

  1. You can try to fix the problem yourself, then deduct its cost from your rent.
  2. You can approach your local council to request to inspect your affected property.
  3. In the end, you can take legal action against your landlord.

It is crucial to remember that you should only move out or deduct rent after first consulting with your lawyer because doing so could result in your eviction.

Potential Effects of Housing Disrepair on a Tenant 

The potential effects of housing disrepair on a tenant are significant. Housing disrepair may lead to several problems for tenants, including health hazards and the loss of home’s infrastructure.

Housing disrepair can result in several health issues for tenants and homeowners. These hazards can increase the levels of mould and dampness, electric issues, and pest infestations. These hazards can result in many health problems, such as respiratory infections and skin allergies.

Housing disrepair may also lower the property value. If a property is in poor condition, it is usually not desirable to potential buyers or renters. Hence, the property’s value may decrease sharply.

In the end, housing disrepair can result in homelessness. Disrepair claims by tenants are filed against these property disrepair issues. Otherwise, they can lead to homelessness and reliance on public assistance programs.

What are Your Rights as a Tenant Living in Housing Disrepair? 

You must know that as a tenant, you have some legal rights to claim while living in housing disrepair. However, the most necessary one is your safety and protection. Never compromise on a living standard as a tenant.  

Your landlord is responsible for providing you a safe home which is free from hazards. In addition, your landlord must fix present issues in your rented accommodation. Otherwise, you can get a housing disrepair claim against it. 

Steps to Get  Housing Disrepair Claim Compensation

If you have decided to take legal action regarding housing disrepair, then always keep the below steps in mind. 

Firstly, you should inform your landlord about the current housing disrepair issue. Then wait for his response. You could approach him legally if he did not fix an issue reasonably. You can send him a legal notice. 

This notice includes the outline of the problems within the property, along with the damages that you have still faced. Additionally, it is recommended to add photographs or videos to support your case.

After filing your complaint, you must keep a draft of your complaint letter and file a lawsuit in civil court. This process is complex and time taking, so it is important to consult with an experienced solicitor to help you in the whole process. 

In case your landlord does not respond to your complaint letter. Your solicitor can file a motion for summary judgment. This is a request to the court to win your claim rule without even going to trial.

Suppose the landlord does respond to your complaint letter in a given time to fix the problems with the property. In that case, your attorney will help you to negotiate a settlement agreement. This agreement is signed between both parties to resolve the dispute and generally includes compensation for any damages you may have faced.


In a nutshell, housing disrepair is a devastating situation to deal with. It can physically and mentally affect you while living in the affected home. Therefore, you cannot ignore them. It is a challenging task to identify a particular type of disrepair issue in your home. 

Knowing your rights as a tenant in this situation helps you to comprehend the potential effect that disrepair claims bring is crucial. Read this post to learn the important tips to become aware of your rights and claiming process.

Additionally, you should know the steps to get your housing disrepair claim.No one deserves to live in poor or unsafe surroundings. Knowing how to protect yourself before making any decisions is always recommended. Contact us to get your housing disrepair compensation from your landlord.

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