Canada remains one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. This country has always managed to rank higher on almost all parameters. But to get to Canada you need to pass several conditions. One of the major challenges in front of students is passing the proficiency test.

Yes, you need to clear the IELTS exam or any other language proficiency test if you want to study there.  Now is it easy to clear this test? And all the students pass it? Well, there is no denying the fact that a lot of students in India do not have a proper grasp of the English language. As a result, they keep on failing the exam. But if you haven’t been able to score well on the exam it does not imply that you cannot go to Canada. This article will suggest ways to reach Canada By preparing effectively for the IELTS exam. If we talk about the IELTS  band requirements for Canada student visa then it is better to get a band score of seven or above.

Continue reading this article to know in detail about the IELTS exam and how to prepare for it effectively:

Can you clear the IELTS exam easily?

The first question which pops up in the minds of students is regarding the difficulty level of the exam. Many of you’re unsure if they will manage to clear it or not. Let us tell you that it is simple to pass the IELTS exam. If you are remaining dedicated and consistent in your preparations then you can easily manage to is the IELTS exam. The test is going to check your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. If you can do well in all these four skills then you will get a good score. So the exam is not very difficult to clear

Can you reattempt the IELTS exam?

Despite all the efforts, some students are not able to clear the exam. They are not able to get the desirable band score. So does this imply that they cannot go to Canada? Is the door to entry to the top universities of Canada closed? Well, the answer is no. Even if you have got a poor score you can still secure admission into a few universities in Canada. Some of them except students with even low band scores. And there are some universities that do not even require the IELTS score. You can opt for some language program or prove that you studied English as a second language. But at the same time, we may want to tell you that you can still appear for the IELTS exam as many times as you desire. There is no limit set to appear for the IELTS exam. 

You will have to pay fees

But you will have to pay the fees again. And this can be an expensive affair. Moreover, it can set you back by both time as well as resources. So you do have the option to appear for the IELTS exam as many times as you see desire but you will have to pay the fees again. Therefore we recommend you to prepared beforehand for this

What should be the ideal score for the IELTS exam?

There are no set criteria for the ideal score. But still, many students want to know about the same so that they can prepare accordingly. Let us tell you that if you have got a band score of seven or above then it will be easy for you to secure admission into any good university in Canada. If you have got this band score then it shows that you are proficient in the English language. You will manage to blend into the new lifestyle of Canada. So if you are planning to appear for the IELTS exam then you need to aim for a score of seven or above. Do you want to study in Canada after 12th? Connect with the top experts to get all the necessary guidance about the same


The IELTS  exam has become quite popular as you need to pass it to get entry into the top universities in Canada. This article has discussed in detail about the exam. So if you’re planning to study in Canada then you must go through the above article to understand how you can secure admission to top universities in Canada by doing well in the IELTS exam

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