Devil’s Ivy is a popular plant to grow indoors; there are many good reasons for this. It is the best plant to grow inside because of how beautiful it is, how long it lives, and how well it cleans the air. How to grow Devil’s Ivy and take care of it?

It needs to be in an area with light but not direct sunlight and be watered once a week. If you have to, use liquid fertilisers and ensure pets can’t get to them. When you water, make sure the water doesn’t sit there for a short time.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Devil’s Ivy plant to help it grow and stay healthy. Read on to find out how to do it.

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Tips And Care Guide For Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is an easy-to-care-for plant that doesn’t need much attention. Don’t worry about keeping them happy and green. Follow the simple tips below to keep them in good shape and in good health.


When choosing soil for the Devil’s Ivy plant, choose an average soil that drains well. The best growth happens in fertile soil that drains well.

Devil’s Ivy grows well in peaty soil. You can also mix the soil to slow fertiliser absorption and give the plants more time. It would keep them from getting extra food.


The plant grows well in plant nurseries with light, but it doesn’t need too much sun. So please don’t put it in the sun to protect it. If you put it outside, make sure you put it where it will be in the shade.

But if you keep the plant inside, it gets too dark or places it in direct sunlight. Devil’s Ivy grows best in open places with lots of light.


Its growth is also affected by the temperature, just like other plants. No matter where you put it, make sure it stays cool and cold.

Never let it get below 10 degrees Celsius in the winter or above 25 to 30 degrees Celsius in the other seasons. Because of this, it is best to grow indoors, where it is easy to keep the right temperature.


You should also use fertilisers, especially in the spring, to help it grow better. But don’t worry; the plant doesn’t need much food. Every two months, you should give it liquid fertilisers.

The Devil’s Ivy plant can be fed with any fertiliser that dissolves in water. But don’t give the Devil’s Ivy anything to eat in the winter. Because Devil’s Ivy stops growing in the winter, it would be a waste of fertilisers to feed it. When spring comes, you can start to feed it again.


The Devil’s Ivy needs watering too rarely and too often. Even if there isn’t much rain and it’s very hot, you water it once a week. Don’t worry; you can even leave it without water for 20 to 25 days in the winter. Keep the water level low when you water. You don’t need to fill the pot all the way up with water.

If there is enough water around, it will grow well. Even worse than not watering at all, too much watering is bad for that plant. If you water that plant too much, its leaves will start to turn yellow. So, when you see this, stop watering or cut back on how often you water.

Pruning And Propagation:

You can easily make more Devil’s Ivy by cutting off pieces of the plant’s stem. But you should only do the spreading when the plant is doing well. The best time to plant seeds and prune is in the spring.

But don’t use tools that are hard to use, especially if you have to prune a lot of other plants. There is a chance that bad tools for pruning could spread diseases to plants.

Cut off almost 6 inches of the stem. Cut off all the leaves except for the top 4 or 5 leaves. You don’t have to prune a lot, but it will help you keep the plant’s size and shape in good shape.

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