A car mobile charger is one of the best gadgets to keep handy in your car. You can be on the go, and your phone battery dies. Long distances and constant use can drain your phone battery. Therefore, it is useful to have a charger handy.

This useful and portable device can connect to your car’s port easily. Get the right charger to charge your phone easily. If you are a frequent traveller it is always useful to have a charger in the car.

The charger is one of the best gadgets for car. It is useful for smartphones and tablets and is compatible with all USB devices. You can power up your device in a matter of no time.

As one of the best cars accessories, it is the need of the hour. You do not have to worry about your mobile phone running out of battery. Even if you use it for long hours, you can charge it up. You can attend long-distance meetings without any worries about a dead battery.

Things To Know Before Buying a Car Mobile Charger

  • Charger With a High Amp Output

A good car mobile charger will give you at least 2.1 Amps through each USB port. This is more than sufficient. It will charge your mobile phone at a remarkable speed. A high amp charger will also allow you to charge two phones simultaneously.

  • Multiple Ports Charges Multiple Devices

Before buying a charger, consider how many devices you want to charge in your car. You need a charger with multiple ports if you want to charge multiple devices. A car mobile charger usually has two outputs. You can get a charger with more than two ports if you want to connect more devices.

  • Save Your Car Battery From Drainage

It is better to unplug your charger when you are not using it. Unplug it directly from the power source. Otherwise, it will drain the battery of your car. Never leave the charger plugged into your car. Even if not in use, it could still drain your car battery.

The car mobile charger will drain the battery and hence can reduce the energy. It could leave the battery dead and your car abandoned. A dead battery could be greatly inconvenient in the middle of traffic. 

Smart chargers get designed to cut off charging when your phone is fully charged. Make sure to get a charger with a safeguard or LED feature. It will help you avoid battery drainage after your phone is fully charged.

  • Charging Cable That Is Replaceable

A good quality car mobile charger does not have a permanent charging cable. Let’s say the charger with a permanent charging cable can fail. Then you have to buy the device again. However, a charger with a replaceable cable can get a new cable. 

The cable is detachable. Therefore if it breaks and stops working, one can replace it with a new one. You can make the charger last for years just by replacing the cable. 

  • Different Charger Has a Different Output

The outputs for the charger are not the same. Each has a different capability. The range varies from 2.1 to 2.4, depending on your device. Chargers with 2.1 amps and 2.4 amps are more common. Chargers with good output are better are they charge fast.

Batteries will take longer to charge in a car mobile charger that is lower rated than the device. The charger must have output available on all sockets. New models of smartphones and tablets tend to consume more power to charge as they have larger batteries. The charger must have enough power that is sufficient enough to provide power to the smartphone. 

  • The Durability of the Charger

Check the durability of the charger. This goes without saying. It is a long-term investment. Therefore, buying a charger that will last for a long time is better. Check if the charger gets made of robust material. The charger will last longer and save money.

  • Fast Charging Chargers for Long-Term Performance

Most smartphones these days come with a fast charging feature. The new features enable a really fast charging performance. However, this car mobile charger does not corrupt the long-term performance of the battery. It is well adapted to suit a range of smartphones. You can charge your phone with the fast charging capability.

  • Secure Charger for Perfect Size and Fit

The charger must fit into the socket easily. The fit must not be too tight or too loose. Otherwise, the chargers sometimes get flushed in the cabinet.

Whatever the material is, metal or plastic, make sure the charger is sturdy. When it is in the socket, it must stay there securely. It should not pop out and fall when travelling on bumpy roads.

Be smart when choosing the car mobile charger. Select one that has the right functionality and capacity. A wireless holder will help your device stay in place even in transit. Get the best charger from Carorbis that matches your device requirements. Travel without worry while you charge your phone.

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