Suppose you have been around the clothing industry for a long time. Then, you know that wholesale shirts are one of the most common scams in this industry. There are many reasons why someone would do this, but it usually comes down to one thing: greed.

Have you heard about the wholesale shirt scam that’s happening? If you still need to, then here are some details to bring you up to speed.

Scam On Wholesale Shirts

Wholesale shirt scams are one of the most popular types of scams today. These scams usually happen when you buy something from an online store and are still waiting to receive what you were expecting. Or if it does arrive, there is no money in your account for refunds or replacements. The best way to avoid these kinds of situations is always to check. Evaluate how much money will be taken out of your bank account. Before making any purchases on sites like Amazon, eBay, and others. Because if there are fees added on top of what was already paid by PayPal. Then, chances are high that something might go wrong with the transaction.

Scammers Take Advantage Of Announced Supplier Deals

The wholesale shirt scam is a scam that has been going on for quite some time now. It goes like this: Someone is searching the web for shirt suppliers, and when they get their list of suppliers, they try and contact them all to see who has the best deal available.

The problem with this approach is that it’s about more than just shirts! There are many other industries where this happens as well. For example, if you’re looking to buy from Wholesale Gildan Soft style Shirts online (or offline). You’ll see many examples of websites offering deals on shoes or other clothing items like shorts or socks by utilizing their services as part of their offer packages for consumers looking for savings when shopping online rather than going through traditional retail stores where prices vary not only depending on location but also depending on which brand/model/size.

Contact The Main Supplier Instead Of The Broker

Many things go wrong with this scenario, but one of the most common is that they wind up contacting a broker instead of an actual supplier. They then wind up paying way more than they should.

The clothing scam is a big problem because of the people who participate often get ripped off. Many things go wrong with this scenario, but one of the most common is that they wind up contacting a broker instead of an actual supplier. They then end up paying way more than they should because their broker has no inventory and is just trying to make a commission off your purchase.

Tips To Help The Wholesaler

We want you to be aware of this so you can avoid it! Here are some tips to help you avoid wholesale shirt scams.

Here are some tips to prevent scams:

  • Know what an actual wholesale price is. A broker will not be able to tell you how much they pay for the shirts, but they should be able to show you their receipt and confirm that it was paid in full by an actual supplier. If they can’t provide this information, there’s a good chance that they’re trying to rip off their customers as well.
  • Find out if the supplier has any credentials or experience in the industry before buying from them. Brokers frequently try to pass themselves off as experts by quoting high prices on behalf of nonexistent businesses; however, these types of operations typically lack credibility among buyers because there is no way for buyers like us (who work at companies like ours) to make money doing what we do every day – buying things – unless we understand how those items come into existence!
  • First, know what a wholesale price is and how it compares to retail pricing. A wholesale price is never 50% off retail! A reasonable price is usually around 20–30% off retail, while the absolute maximum would be 40–45% off retail pricing.

Signs Of Scams

If someone tells you otherwise or tries to charge you more than this, it means they are either clueless as to how prices work or that they are trying to scam you!

When shopping for wholesale Gildan soft-style shirts or any of your favourite brands, it’s essential to know how prices work. Generally, the higher the price tag on a shirt, the more expensive it will be to produce and sell. For example: If someone tells you that they have a special deal on their shirts (they’re only $5 each) but then charges your card $100 when you get there instead of $50, that could be a better sign! It could mean that either:

  • They don’t understand what “wholesale” means.
  • They’d instead make money quickly than have long-term customers who will buy from them again in future.
  • They’re trying to scam people out of their money by charging them too much for something that should cost less than half as much because there has yet to be enough demand (and thus, they can’t justify raising prices).

Know What A Real Wholesale Price Is

  • The wholesale price is always less than the retail.
  • The wholesale price is never a percentage of the retail price.
  • If someone tells you otherwise, they’re either clueless or trying to scam you.


The tips we’ve provided will help you avoid clothing scammers if you get caught in this scam. Some things can be done to make it easier on yourself. First, make sure they know they are committing a crime by calling themselves “wholesale sellers”. Rather than just “shoppers of clothes” or something similar. Second, if you feel like taking legal action against them (which may not be necessary), you must do so quickly before their pictures go public online and ruin your reputation as well as theirs!

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