Automation is the new age solution to the problem of productivity and efficiency, a problem evident in organizations. But not anymore, as field force automation software is designed to solve these problems through its automated solution like tasks and real time location tracking of field employees.

Without automation, employee productivity and efficiency are wasted away on repeating mundane task instead of focusing on more important ones. 

Benefits of Automating Workflow

Automating field agents’ operations guarantees a better optimized and promising workflow. Work gets done faster and better with the help of automation. There are some of the benefits of automating your field executive’s workflow:

Decreases Manual Errors

Since the field executives are the ones facing the clients, no errors can be expected from them. Automation makes sure of this. Even if a mistake does occur while working, it can be solved in the least amount of time.

Optimizes Time

As automation reduces errors and eliminates employees’ need to perform mundane and repetitive tasks, employees can focus on their work better. This causes them to finish tasks timely and meet deadlines.

Promotes Efficiency: Using automation in your workplace guarantees manager visibility and employee accountability. This is enough to promote the efficiency of tasks and workflow.

Improves Productivity: Due to automation, field employees no longer have to waste their efforts on mundane tasks or travel to the office daily to submit documents. This helps them to be more productive while on the field.

Improves Communication and Collaboration: Automation ensures that the orders and tasks are clear and precise. If unsure, the communication pathway is open for sharing doubts and queries.

Optimizes Employee Skill: Employees perform better when they are engaged in tasks that suit their skill set better. And this is exactly what automation can help managers do.

Improves Customer Satisfaction: Customers are more satisfied when the services are fast and without errors. With the help of automation, customers’ journey is made more accessible and personalized.

Reduces Operational Costs: Organizations can save a lot as the job which earlier took two employees can now be done by one executive with ease with the help of automation.

Automated Features Offered By Field Force Automation Software

The features and tools offered by the field force automation system can successfully automate tasks and many other functions of the organization and managers. This will help to save a lot of time and effort for managers and employees.

Task Management: Managers can bulk upload a month’s worth of tasks in advance. The jobs will be visible to employees automatically every day. This helps to save a lot of time and effort on both the manager’s and employee’s part.

Live Location Tracking: Employees can now be tracked in real-time with accuracy. There is no need to call them constantly. Even task status can be tracked.

Automated Attendance: the software offers geo-coded attendance, so their attendance gets automatically marked when they reach their first task location.

Battery and Network Status: Managers are notified whenever agents enter a no-network zone. They even have access to the network and battery status of employees’ devices.

Custom Form: Field force automation software offers a custom form tool that allows field employees to record customer feedback easily. The document is accessible to managers as soon as uploaded.

Automated Reports: These reports are automatically generated by the software. Managers can study them to know the agent’s productivity and performance quality.

Automate Your Operations With the Help of TrackoField

Automation is truly the golden key to the locked-up potential of your field executives. It can help you channel your maximum potential into performing the task with dedication and quality. A field force automation system can help you achieve this automation.

TrackoField is a workforce management software that offers features and tools that can automate your workflow into a smooth one.

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