Like how we acquire a license for driving land vehicles, you must complete the CPL course in Australia for flying an aircraft. If you want to become a professional pilot, scroll through this article to get enlightened with some exciting yet vital information to kickstart your career.

How to Qualify for CPL?

It would be best if you had a diploma in Aviation to get started. You will get extensive training on the fundamentals of flight and basic aircraft handling skills. Then you must get through the next phase of graduating with the recreational pilot license (RPL). The concepts are a continuation of what you learned during your diploma.

Then to graduate to the intermediate in flying, you must get through a private pilot license (PPL) to increase your navigation skills, a vital phase as it further expands during the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) phase. 

One has to complete these levels to qualify for the CASA licensing requirements, where graduates are qualified to work in industries with nationally recognised qualifications.

Eligibility for the CPL course

To acquire a CPL, you must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 18 years. 
  2. Have a private pilot license (PPL).
  3. Be able to speak and understand English to a certain level.
  4. Have a medical certificate. 

Promising careers upon securing a CPL in Australia:

Upon completing your Commercial Pilot License Australia, you get paid pilot work under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Now you can take up jobs as a VFR charter, VFR tourist flights, Crop Dusting and Fish Spotting on your fixed-wing aircraft.

CPL Course information

The training usually comprises general, cross-country, and instrument flying. There are two types of courses you can choose from flight training operators:

  1. Intensive integrated courses, through Part 142-Here, you get the knowledge of ground theory with practical flight training simultaneously within a short period.
  2. Non-integrated courses through Part 141-Here, you get exposed to a lot of practical flight training, which is time-consuming.

These are the subjects you will study for the theory exams:

  1. Flight rules and air law.
  2. Aerodynamics.
  3. Meteorology.
  4. Navigation.
  5. Human factors.
  6. Operation.
  7. Performance and planning.
  8. Power plants.
  9. Aircraft systems.

You can opt to study through a self-learning course. You can also go to classes. The theory exam tests how well you know your handpicked aircraft rating.

CPL application process:

  • Know the class ratings (aircraft type) and the type ratings (aircraft model) you are applying for to get the license. And also your purpose of learning to use an aircraft.
  • Take the theory exam with a Part 141 or Part 142 flight training operator.
  • Complete the general English language proficiency (GELP) once.
  • Get through the CPL exams.
  • Complete the minimum flying experience test.
  • Pass the flying test.

Once you’ve got your CPL, you can add more ratings in different aircraft categories, such as fixed-wing aircraft, etc., with relevant endorsements.

Course Fee

The course fee includes the estimated flying hours, theory, textbooks, navigation equipment, maps/charts, and other documents. The total cost of the course mounts up to AUD$ 2200. 

Final words

Now it’s time for you to soar high, taking the CPL course Australia to create a groundbreaking career this 2023!

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