The Reformation coupon brand creates eco-friendly apparel and accessories for women. The jeans were the main selling point for me. When I first visited the site.

I went out and bought a bunch of different-sized jeans to see which fit best. I opted for the ladies from Malta (Liza and Peyton) and the United States (Cynthia and Bone).


These jeans stretch so I was able to wear a size 26. Because of my small waist and preference for a size 27, this denim is perfect for me. It composed of 66% organic cotton, 33% TENCELTM lyocell, and 1% elastane.

The first photo depicts a model wearing a size 24. In the second and third photos. I am modeling a size 27 and a size 26.


I find that a size 27 fits me much more comfortably than a size 26. Which would make my stomach feel uncomfortable in reformation jeans at a Filipino party. Still, I’d go with a size 26 on the assumption. That it will be stretched quite a bit over time. Compared to Cynthia’s itchy denim. This pair is a huge improvement.

  • These pants have a 30″ inseam, a front rise of 12, and a zipper closure.
  • The Typical Size 14 Inch Pants Gap


The back pockets on Liza’s pair of color reformation jeans have faded quite a bit, though. During trials, a size 27 was the only one available. I need to either wear taller shoes or have the hem of these jeans shortened if I want to look good.

To illustrate the distinctions, I’ll use a typical pair of Levi’s ribcage jeans in the bootcut style. Discount reformation coupon.


This pair of Levi’s has a 27-inch inseam and a 12-inch rise. Made from 66% organic cotton, 33% TENCELTM lyocell, and 1% elastane, this is a stretchy option.

Zipper closure for the fly

The inseam is 33 inches long and the front rise is 11 and a half inches.

These jeans are supposed to have a progressive fade. But when I put them on. They look like they were cut horizontally.


I bought a size 26 and a size 27 of these rigid denim jeans. The 26 is too small because the denim is so stiff. Unexpectedly. The color I received is not the same as the one I had seen online. It’s a lot darker than the website’s description makes it sound.


Since both sets of Reformation jeans are the same color. I know I have the right pair. These jeans are crafted from 57% Regenerative Cotton and 43% TENCELTM Lyocell.

  • Rapid-release buckles
  • 29-inch inseam, 15-and-a-half-inch leg opening.
  • These are great jeans; they’re very similar to my favorite Levi’s wedges, except the rise is higher. Which is perfect for me because my stomach protrudes a little. (The cake is the source of my happiness.)


  • Straight leg, button fly, 12″ rise, 29″ inseam.
  • Leg Gap: 15 1/2 Inches
  • Here we have an up-close look at the Cynthia in bone color (on the left). To the right is the Ever Lane chubby in pure clay that’s been washed and worn.


The allure of low prices is not lost on me or many others. Prices for the main collection start at $60 and go as high as $300. With most items costing $100 or more. The jeans collection is priced from $28 and goes as high as $148.


The first collection features a wide variety of garments, such as dresses, tops, and T-shirts, as well as 11 styles of jeans in 14 different washes. Everything is basic, unfussy clothing that can worn with a bra and washed with ease.

Reformation Jeans is the company’s first full line of sustainable denim, and it’s the result of years of testing and searching for environmentally responsible alternatives. Each pair crafted using remnants from other projects or recycled or ethically sourced materials.


Aflalo estimates that annually 450,000,000 pairs of jeans purchased worldwide. It takes about 1,500 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans. Referencing Only One Source. To put it another way, Jean saves 1,468 gallons of water compared to a standard pair.

In a hurry, as Ref. Reformation’s new Wet Program will donate one thousand gallons of clean water for every pair of jeans purchased.

The collection will be available for purchase on October 23rd. Both in-store and online, and is currently available for pre-order. See below for a rundown of our top recommendations.

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