You may be wondering why the Santa Yeti. Because it makes me think of Christmas all over again! This very episode marks the beginning of Season 2 of the CULTURE Goodr Glasses , and we know that you’ve been waiting for it as eagerly as a child waits to discover that their Christmas stocking is filled to the brim on Christmas morning. It’s a GRIND getting a brand off the ground, and we’ve messed up in more ways than we can count. Let’s get into it.

Goodr Ceo Stephen Lease

In 2012, Goodr Discount Code CEO Stephen Lease ran his first marathon (for the sake of brevity, we’ll refer to him as SDL). He never really ran, but he discovered that he wasn’t so opposed to the activity after all. He prepared for the Los Angeles Marathon, and the clown act began at mile 16 of the race. In the end, it took him five hours to complete.

Familiar With The Procedure

He was still in one piece when he decided to read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and then sign up for another marathon. Goodr Glasses ended up falling in love with it, which ultimately allowed him to cut an hour off of his marathon time. It’s that time-honored story about the runner. You are familiar with the procedure.

Zion National Park

Stephen participated in an ultramarathon that was held at Zion National Park in April of 2017. You could say that he had a serious case of the hooks in his mouth. His awakening took place while he was going through a time of training.

Make The Situation Better

When he looked in the mirror, he was wearing a goofy belt and terrible pricey Goodr Glasses, and he didn’t feel like himself at all. He took great pride in his sense of style, but this outfit, which he described as being for running, was far from stylish. What are some things that he could do to make the situation better.

Design A Pair Of Running Sunglasses

You probably guessed correctly that sunglasses were the first step in the mission. Stephen conducted a poll and distributed it to the members of his running group. He queried over one hundred individuals with the following question. Blue sky, if you could design a pair of running sunglasses, what would you like them to look like.

List Of The Responses

The following is a list of the responses that have been received so far

  1. Look good
  2. Affordable
  3. Maintain your footing even when you’re wet.
  4. When you run, try not to bounce your feet.
  5. Take care to shield your eyes.

Protection Is The Fifth Feature

Protection is the fifth feature that people look for in their running Goodr Glasses, which is fitting given that this is their primary function. He was under the impression that running sunglasses are unsightly, expensive, and excessively constructed, so he set out to build a pair that had all the benefits of running sunglasses without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

SDL Desired For These Sunglasses

SDL desired for these sunglasses to become a commodity, which would allow customers to feel at ease when purchasing them on the spot. Goodr Glasses was able to use his right to refusal thanks to the existence of these standards. For this reason, for instance, our OG sunglasses include a grip coating rather than silicone grips because the latter are more expensive.

The Most Difficult Part

The most difficult part of the process was finding a manufacturer without any Goodr Glasses. One billion contracts were offered, but only thirty were accepted; just a handful of those accepted could speak English, but happily, we were able to discover one with which we could expand.

Eyewear Trade Events

We next traveled to the United States, where we attended many eyewear trade events, the most important of which was held in Las Vegas (which the person writing this blog thinks was more likely a solid excuse to go play in the City of Sin). The Hong Kong Optical Fair is where things are going to be UPPPP.

A Turn-Around Of Three Days

On a turn-around of three days, SDL traveled to Hong Kong. Never again will he act in such a manner. However, it was well worth it to get a glimpse of the folks working behind the scenes. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are willing to travel to meet with various manufacturers.

Trouble Of Sending Emails

In all likelihood, doing so will spare you the trouble of sending emails for the next six months. Goodr Glasses was conceived of as a direct-to-consumer brand. CLUTCH is an acronym that describes Stephen’s background in marketing. I made the most of every advantage I had in the beginning. Thank you, family.

The Nascent Company

The nascent company conducted a pre-sale that was fulfilled by reaching out to his huge run group. The shipment of the products occurred in December. A year later, the launch included a participation from Kickstarter. We are not a Kickstarter brand by any stretch of the imagination.

Twenty Additional Colors Glasses

SDL asserts themselves with fervor. The concept of Kickstarter was essentially a glorified pre-sell. Goodr Glasses planned to provide twenty additional colors. The aim for the Kickstarter campaign was set at $25,000, and it reached $44,000. It compelled us to organize our content and have it ready. Stephen says that beyond that, I wouldn’t advise Kickstarter to ourselves. Create an anthem, some images, etc.

Hilarious Piece Of Brand Content

The anthem was funded through Kickstarter, and it was the very first hilarious piece of brand content. If you aren’t embarrasse by your initial launch, you waited too long, said a successful entrepreneur once. It was nothing out of the ordinary. It was not a comprehensive scheme devise by the devil. We identified a Goodr Glasses challenge, conducted research, and developed a potential answer.

The OG Gear Purchase

When we originally ordered Goodr Glasses we spent more money on the OG gear purchase than we did on that. If they are unfamiliar with the brand, consumers do not care if a t-shirt says better on it or not. (Since then, that’s evolve… check out our latest clothing launch here). The identities of the three founders, Keri, Ben, and SDL, were ultimately reflected in the brand as accurately as possible.

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