If you work in the oil & gas industry, you are already in a risky profession. Oilfields are important for the economy, but these are risk-prone sites for workers. When injured in an oilfield accident in Texas, you need to be proactive about recovering a settlement. As an injured worker, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but the payout is unlikely to cover everything you have endured. You need to seek the expertise of a renowned injury lawyer to discover all legal options. You can click here to consult an attorney. In this post, we share quick things about dealing with an oilfield accident lawsuit. 

Notify your employer

It is your responsibility to inform the employer about the mishap, and in return, the company will inform the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If you fail to do so, you may not get anything at all. Experts usually recommend filing an incident report in writing with all the relevant details. When your injuries require immediate medical attention, don’t wait to get approval from your employer. Your healing and recovery should matter over everything else. 

Follow your doctor’s advice

Your doctor may recommend staying away from work for a particular time or advise you on a treatment plan. Whether you intend to file a third-party lawsuit or want to pursue your workers’ compensation claim, you should take all steps to get better. If you don’t, the insurance company may use that against you. 

Note what you remember

It is common for people to forget details after an accident. If you are in your senses, always take the time to write everything on paper. From what you were doing at the time of the mishap to the people you remember seeing at the site, you must have the information that will come in handy to file the oilfield accident lawsuit. 

Meet an attorney

Not all injury lawyers know what it takes to file a lawsuit following a blowout or explosion in an oilfield, which is why you should take your time to choose one. The industry is highly regulated, and only an experienced and capable lawyer can investigate the accident and find details to strengthen your case. Your lawyer will also check whether third parties, such as contractors or equipment manufacturers, are liable for the mishap. 

Finally, don’t shy away from asking questions when you meet an oilfield accident lawyer. The right legal approach can change the outcome.  More

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