Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana co-star in Ajooni is a Star Bharat show. This show explores the fact that, despite being from a middle-class household with high-quality values of family, Ajooni is compelled to marry the person she dislikes the most. Then, Baggas celebrates Lohri so it’s interesting to watch what’s will transpire in the following episodes.

In the latest track, Ravinder warns Shikha not to do it again and also to not forget that she’s only a guest at present. Rajveer is irritated when Ajooni made him feel guilty for becoming in love with her. Ajooni is trying to convince him that she is a daughter in law, and his family doesn’t have any expectations from her.

He asks her to declare “I love you” to him at the Lohri celebrations in front of the entire crowd. She takes the challenge. Then, Baggas celebrates Lohri. Ravinder demands that his family not cause trouble since he plans to discuss with Sethi on Rajveer’s election ticket. Ravinder is pleased to meet Sethi as well as his entire family. Durga is furious when she sees Shikha and Harvinder as one.

Harman requests her to be calm. Disguises Rajveer dancing with Ajooni. Ajooni is shocked to see Rajveer dressed like that. Shikha is shocked to see Rajveer, and she removes his veil to expose his face. One of the party members insults Rajveer, but Sethi defends the actions of Rajveer. Then, Ajooni asks permission from Bebe to play antaksari.

What Next 

Ajooni later informs Rajveer that he is causing her disturbance. Rajveer reminds her of her song and she tells him that everything went well that day, but Aman is unaware of her actions. Ajooni speculates that Shikha might have added bhang to Aman’s milk glass. Rajveer expresses his concern for Aman and the smirks. Meanwhile, Aman enters the room and locks the door. Harvinder tells him that she cannot win his affection by dressing like Shikha. He states that Aman could never match up to Shikha, no matter what. She performs a dance for him and they fall onto the bed.

The following day, Shikha receives a letter from Dolly, which reveals that Dolly has realized her mistake and wants to apologize to Ravinder, and requests him to come and pick her up from the location where she is waiting for him. Shikha hides the letter from Rajveer when he enters the room and asks her whose letter it is. She lies to him and tells him it’s a personal letter. He warns her not to harm Aman and goes inside. Shikha then plans to use Dolly against the Baggies. On the other hand, Ajooni’s father, Subhash, finds Dolly alone in the park and inquires about her presence there. Dolly asks him to leave her alone. He warns her that the area is not safe and tells her to call him if she faces any problems. He then leaves the area.

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