Everyone from the outside and inside IT frequently asks about software development. It is the process of developing computer programs that are developed using one or more particular programming languages that provide the functionality to achieve specific goals for personal or business. The creation of software is typically an organized project that involves various actions and stages that culminate in the creation of functional software. Thus, a reasonable description is “a process with a set of activities that create computer software products, including their design, development, testing, and deployment.” Software is an array of instructions or programs that instruct computers how to operate. It is not dependent on hardware and allows computers to be capable of being programmed.

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Since the emergence of software development in the 1960s various methods has been employed for the development of software. nowadays, the most widely used is an agile method of development. The definition of agile software development is a method of development in which requirements and solutions are developed by collaborating efforts of self-organizing and cross-functional groups as well as their customers. In contrast to the more conventional and inflexible software development examples agile encourages and supports adapting to changes through the use of adaptable development, evolutionary planning as well as early delivery, and constant improvement.


Software is created using computer programming. It is created b top custom software development companies. A definition of software developer refers to “a person that creates software, either by themselves or in conjunction with others.” What exactly do software developers do every day? They employ processes and methods to develop software that works that includes requirements definition data flow design code design as well as process flow design development of code, flowcharting software development testing, and the process of debugging. The complete process is often called the software development lifecycle (SDLC). “Full stack software developer’ refers to a person who creates both user-facing and server-facing software, such as database development as well as the development of interfaces to applications.

The History and Future

The story of the development of software and the development of the software developer is fascinating and is interspersed with the background of computers. The first computers were mechanical called analog computers. Many think that the first time in the history of creating software came in 1810 when Joseph Marie Jacquard devised a system of holes punched into cards to direct the patterns he used in his looms for making cloth. The method of making holes into paper tapes or cards was later used to program computers in the beginning such as those manufactured from IBM, Elliott, and GEC. top software development companies in the world

Some claim they believe that Ada Lovelace is often credited as the pioneer of dedicated developers in 1843 when she developed a basic program to work with Charles Babbage’s ‘Difference Engine. The program allowed sequences to be developed in a way that directions could be provided to select specific types of shafts, gears or.

The most significant breakthrough was made in the work of George Boole, who, in 1947, demonstrated the connection between logic and math. Without this, we’d not have the technology we use on a daily basis such as our smartphones and digital watches however, it was not until the year 1948, that Claude Shannon wrote a thesis about the ways that the binary concept could be employed in computing.


This set the stage so that when computers with digital capabilities were first created they could be instructed to perform certain tasks through a binary logic. This was the way to do it. In 1949 John Mauchly developed ShortCode. It is the very first language for programming designed for electronic devices, however, it required software developers to convert the statements from 0’s into 1’s by hand. In 1951, Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler that converted programming language expressions into the necessary 0’s and 1’s. This resulted in quicker development because the software developer did not have to write it out manually.


In 1957, the most popular programming language of the time, FORTRAN, was developed. FORTRAN excelled in handling numbers, but not great in handling inputs and outputs that are required in business computing. To remedy this, COBOL was developed in 1959 specifically for business computing. COBOL remains in the core of numerous major systems in the banking sector today.


As time passed the development of many programming languages was created with the aim of speeding development processes and improving the quality of software to perform specific tasks. For instance, 1958 LISP was introduced 1958. LISP software language was invented specifically for the research of artificial intelligence. LISP did not look like other programming languages of the day however it’s still being used today due to its highly specific and abstract character.


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