When organizing an event, the event planner has to be ready to make a variety of decisions, and venue selection is one such decision that may decide the success of the event. The proper venue helps you execute a successful event. The right selection of a venue leaves a lasting impact on your attendees.


All the elements of an event heavily rely on the venue selection, whether it is catering services, attendees’ experience, speaker lineups, or the event date. Venue booking is undoubtedly hectic for event planners because venue selection is not easy.


In this blog, we will discuss tips that will help you select the right venue.


  1. Location

Make sure your event’s location is near your attendees’ homes or workplaces. You consider your attendees first. If your attendees are coming from a different town, it becomes easier for them to reach a location near the airport or their hotels.


Also, ensure that there is no heavy traffic near your location, or else everyone will end up late. To ensure a better experience for your attendees, provide them with a mobile app to follow the map and drive directions to get to the location safely. This will help them reach the venue timely and make them feel confident while heading to the event venue.


  1. Parking

Parking is another essential factor to consider while choosing the venue. Does the venue you have selected have a parking lot or a valet, so the attendees are worry free from parking hassle? Attendees become happy as if their dream came true when they see a parking lot near their venue. But if there is no parking lot in your chosen venue, there must be one near your venue. You can book that to ensure convenience for your attendees if it is easily accessible.

Promising valet parking to your attendees is the best thing you can do to satisfy them, especially if you are doing that for a gala or large-scale event.


  1. Know the capacity

The event planners must know the capacity of the venue. They must know the actual number of attendees that the venue will easily accommodate during venue booking. Moreover, booking a large hall meant for 1000 people cannot be reserved for 250 attendees as it may be too large. On the contrary, booking a small space for a large gathering, especially a gala, is also not ideal.


  1. Flexible contract terms

Flexibility in your contracts with the venue owner is mandatory because there can be many reasons you may cancel the event or postpone it on other dates. So flexibility in the contracts lets you negotiate with the venue provider.


  1. Services

Have you ever wondered if the venue you have chosen inspires you? If it does, that’s great, but if not, you have to take kitchen services from the food provider. Also, you can check their food in advance if the venue owners partner with the food providers. But unfortunately, if they don’t, you must choose a venue that allows you to bring in outside food orders so your attendees have a great experience while attending your event.

Moreover, you also need to see whether your selected venue has the tables and chair setup you can use if it is according to your event’s theme. Using the same setup will help you cut costs and save money.

Moreover, you also need to see if the selected venue has a clean setup or if you need to hire a team to clean the setup so you can make the necessary arrangement per your event’s theme.


  1. Layout

It is necessary to pre-plan the activities you need to conduct during the event and the amenities you will need. Know the floor plan of each venue you have shortlisted before booking. Walk through the venues that you like the most so it becomes easier to make the arrangements.

Every event has a different type of flow; hence you must know which areas of the event will be more crowded, like the registration, auditorium doors, or the buffet table. It is because you need to arrange the setup keeping in mind the traffic to a particular area.


  1. Flexible event dates for the venue

If you are low on budget, make sure you have multiple dates for the event so it becomes easier to negotiate. Since the venues have some free dates, they actively seek to book, and flexible dates can help you secure the venue at lower rates.



To conclude, venue booking is no more complex if you consider a few factors before choosing a venue. We are sure that you can now select the venue conveniently following the tips above. Venue selection has become extremely easy by following the tips above.

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