Smart LED Downlights are becoming popular nowadays for its usages in both residential and commercial places. If you are searching for a light fitting that is contemporary, competent, robust, and yet affordable, opting for smart is the best thing you can do.

Smart LED Downlight serves the purpose of giving a wholesome experience because of its high performance and aesthetic appeal. LEDs come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and brightness. They are trendy because of the warm general lighting.

Let us go through the following few tips to consider while choosing the right bulb best suited to all your needs.

1. Understand the required Brightness level and efficiency

As assumed by many, the brightness of an LED light is measured in terms of lumens, not watts. While the lumen measures the light output from the light source, wattage (W) determines the energy consumed to produce a set amount of light to output.

The ideal brightness level can be determined by referring to the below table

LED Lumens Emitted Incandescent
8-12W 800 lm 60W
9-13W 1100 lm 75W
16-20W 1600 lm 100W
25-28W 2600 lm 150

2. Plan the Dimensions and Shapes of the Light

Companies offer different dimensions and shaped LED lights to suit the room’s mood. Most feel round LED panel lights enhance a softer look and are more suitable for residential localities. Some feel the rectangular shape of panel lights will fit in commercial spaces. Rectangular sharps look more professional and are ideal for office space.

3. Know About the Warranty 

Warranty is one of the key factors to notice and keep in mind before buying. Electric appliances are prone to damage and failure. Although LED lights have a long life and remain operational for almost 50,000 hours, you should only buy Downlights with an optimum warranty.

Any damage to the device due to an electric circuit can be avoided with the installation of Clipsal RCBO.

4. Downlight Beam Angle

A beam angle is the amount of light that spreads from the light, which can be measured in degrees. Most LED downlights have a narrow beam angle of 40-45° because they are recessed.

If you want soft diffuse lighting, we recommend selecting downlights with a wider beam of 60°. However, a narrower beam of 25° angle is preferable if you need downlights for the kitchen. It will give you a focused light, perfect for focusing on even the smallest thing in the room.

If you are unaware of the beam angle to choose, anything between 60 to 120 degrees works fine in most cases.

5. Colour Rendering Index

The colour rendering index measures a light source’s ability to expose objects’ colour in comparison with natural sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with 100 depicting that colours under light appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. A CRI of 80 – 90 will be the ideal range for accurate colour rendering.

If you want your lights to emit vibrant tones across the full-colour spectrum, a high CRI (90+) combined with a colour temperature that is middle of the range (4000K) is recommended. The greater the numerical value of CRI, the better the LED’s colour rendition.


Apart from the above essentials to look at before buying smart led downlights, it is equally important to verify the quality of safety appliances. An essential device like Clipsal RCBO is highly recommended to avoid any electric circuit and provide maximum protection to all electric appliances at home.

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