We all love escape rooms, and the idea of playing them is almost always exciting and enthralling. All we need to do is just manifest it by paying some money and going to an escape room or even just playing it on our phone, tablet, or laptop, as it’s always amazing and exciting to do so! Whether virtual escape rooms or even real-life ones, they are almost always exciting and mind-boggling to play with. So, to make it even more exciting, we all involve our friends and families in the process too! But would you be surprised if I told you that you could build The Escape Game Bloomington at your home with your families with some planning and shopping? Well, we all will be, for sure!


Home escape rooms are actual! And they are oh-so-worth it too! Especially for all ages of people or even playing with your family and friends and inviting over people and making it into an escape room party. We can always play around with it with different themes and make it safe for children or older adults alike (which is hard to find outside). So, it’s always a bonus for us to do so even. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 Home Escape Room ideas for you to check out!


When you are trapped on a Spaceship, and the ship will take 80 years to reach its destination, and you are one of the three crew teams that have been sequenced to awaken from cryosleep after each one dies, you realize that something is wrong since, in just five years, two crew teams have been woken up, and you don’t know what caused their death so early on in the travel, and there is a mysterious looming fear on the artificial intelligence that has taken over the whole ship, and you are awake and stuck inside the cryochamber inside, can you find other crew members and escape?


Here, you can make every possible scenario come true actually. Make it about ghosts, evil spirits, a spirit trapped and wants to be released, a cursed pirate’s home, a dark place during the old European world, a world war torture center, or even an asylum. You can get creative with the storylines here, actually, or else you might end up being worried throughout actually. Plan it and execute it through and through. Bring out some fabulous hand-painted clues or even artifacts hand-crafted or designed for you eventually. And have fun while creating this horrific mess.


You are trapped in an abandoned mine while working after a sudden crash and accident, and only you are the lone survivor (or add a few mates of yours if you want to play it with friends even). Or you can almost always make it closed from all sides, and all the networks are jammed, and there is minimal food and water to survive, and all electrical has been damaged and have to make it work, or else you might even end up worrying too much into it even and eventually dying lol.


Here, you have to figure out how to invade a scientist going away and disappearing into his mysterious lair, and you never find out who he is. But now, you are stuck in a glass cryochamber as one of his subjects to experiment on. You have to escape only to realize that you are no longer human and your memory is vague. You are in a mysterious lair, too, as your real world is far away, and now you realize that the lab has been robbed of something, and you have to escape soon before you get harmed again.


Another one dealing with lairs. You are stuck in a Magician’s lair as she has trapped you there, and a dark spirit is hunting you down and stopping you from escaping, and it’s full of magic, wizardly stuff, and all that drama. So do make one escape room on this theme for sure!

That’s a premise, and you can add and adjust the ending or certain parts of it as you like, though, and I am sure they will turn out amazing. All you’ve got to do is just to make the planning and parts of the home divided into different chambers or units of the spaceship and enjoy. You can also invite your friends to make certain parts, so you have an element of mystery & surprise every single time you are around. Or you can even throw it into an escape room party where everybody has to solve these, and there are some snacks and drinks after completing each part of the escape plan. Lastly, do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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