The whole trend of smartwatches was first started by Apple and later on adopted by every other smartphone manufacturer over the years. Over the year, they’ve truly brought innovation to the whole smartwatch industry and are mostly regarded as one of the best. However, did you know that just like an iPhone, they also hide some features in Apple smartwatches?

Many people don’t know about this, and they keep on using the device instead of taking full advantage of the smartwatch. That’s why today, I’ll give you the 5 best-hidden features of Apple’s smartwatch that you can implement right away. Therefore, here are the topics that I’ll cover in today’s article.

  • 5 hidden features of Apple smartwatches to know in 2023
  • What is the best smartwatch made by Apple

With that said, let’s start by discussing the features that you might not know about an Apple smartwatch.

Features of Apple Smartwatches to Know 

Before we start, I’ll like to begin by saying that most of the features that I’m about to mention are mostly generic, but some of them might be only available for certain series. So, keep an eye out for which feature can work best for the Apple smartwatch you’re wearing. Plus, if you want to get the best possible smartwatch price in Pakistan, then there is no better site than Wise Market but more on that later.

Here are the 5 hidden features of Apple smartwatches that you might know about.

Crash Detection:

If you’re using the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, then you might have heard of a feature called crash detection. What it does is that it takes different factors into account and contacts emergency services. One of those factors also includes input from your Apple smartwatch. If you’re using an Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra, then it will detect if you’re in a crash and then take the necessary action according to the situation. So, I suggest you better invest in the latest Apple watch if you’re a reckless driver😅.

Noise Alert:

No one likes loud noises, but if you live in a country like Pakistan, then you can easily get used to them. However, that’s not a good sign because listening to too loud of a sound can damage your hearing. That’s why Apple smartwatches can detect the current sound level in the room and give you an alert to protect your hearing. 

Water Ejection:

When getting an electronic device wet is a serious issue, especially if the device is an Apple product. We all know how high is the Apple mobile watch price in Pakistan. So, it’s best to keep it dry, but if somehow water gets stuck in the watch’s speaker grill, you easily eject it. To use this feature, you must first put the watch in a water lock via the control panel. Next, just hold down the crown of the smartwatch, which will give a prompt on the screen. After that, just rotate the crown, which will emit some sort of sound from the speakers to eject the water.

Sleep Tracking:

If you’ve ever fallen asleep while the watch is still on your wrist, then you might’ve noticed that the watch keeps track of your sleep cycles. What I mean by that is that it shows how long you have slept, when you were in REM sleep, and so forth and so on. It’s a very useful feature to have if you want to maintain the health of your body.

Use Dock:

Now, this is a particularly interesting feature because many people don’t know about it. A dock in an Apple watch works just like the recent tab in an iPhone. To access it, you’ll need to press the side button on your Apple smartwatch to access but did you know that you can reprogram it to launch your favorite apps? Yes! Now, you can easily launch all of your favorite apps on your Apple watch. So you don’t have to go and look for each one whenever you need it.

What Is the Best Smartwatch Made by Apple

Hopefully, there were one or more hidden features that you found useful. I researched a lot of the hidden features of Apple smartwatches, but these were the ones that I found the most useful. However, the next question is which watch can best benefit from all of these features.

The best possible watch that best takes advantage of all of these hidden features is the Apple Watch Series 8. Since one of the latest iterations of their smartwatch lineup, you can rest assured. That there will be more than a few hidden features for you. But I implore you that you find out for yourself because that’s the fun of having an Apple product.

I’m using this version of the smartwatch, and I love every second of it. I got it from an online store by the name of Wise Market Pakistan. They have some of the best smartwatches in Pakistan at very reasonable price points. Plus, they also have a huge collection of other devices as well. From smartphones (both new and used) to lifestyle products, they have it all.

I recommend that you check Wise Market Pakistan out because out of all of the smart device sellers I’ve met, they have the best smartwatch price in Pakistan.

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